Favour or Not?

My drive to work this morning was one of those that felt like I could have just kept driving all day.  My heated seat was on (aaaaalmost makes the car accident worth it!), my coffee was perfect and Adele was crooning to me on the stereo.  Unfortunately all of that bliss shatters when you remember the reason you’re in the car early in the morning is because you’re driving to work.  😉


I did not hit the gym this morning as planned (thanks Alien Baby!) and I don’t feel particularly badly about that.  I had a rough night and a crappy sleep and going out in the bucketing rain at 4:30am just was not high on my priority list.  Plus, I washed all my gym clothes in the laundry yesterday morning and forgot to hang them to dry so I wouldn’t have had anything to wear anyway even if I’d wanted to go.  Which I didn’t. 


Tonight after work I have a massage appointment which I’m not overly thrilled for.  I’m not a big fan of massage to begin with, less so when I’m sort of forced into it.  Because of my appointment at 5pm, Ray and I agreed that he would be completely responsible for dinner tonight, planning, making and cleaning up.  As it was, I planned it to make sure that it was on the “acceptable-list” and he was supposed to cook it to be ready when I got home (much the same as I do for him when he’s working late!).  When I got home yesterday the first thing he said was that he was going to beg off making dinner tonight because his son asked him to help out with something.  LOL….uh…..no, darling!  He is in charge of dinner ONE NIGHT, this is not my problem that he now double booked himself.  So, after my massage appt, if Ray is not home yet, I think I’m going to be hungry because I refuse to make dinner on the one night I asked him to help me out, which he agreed to do! 


If you were me, would you cave and make dinner tonight?  Or stand your ground?


2 thoughts on “Favour or Not?

  1. Heated car seats was one of the good things of my accident too 😛

    Honestly, my hubby works better if at the beginning of the week I lay out what meals and chores he’s in charge of, written down so he knows ahead of time. Granted we don’t have kidlets, but if something comes up with work or other stuff, we’re pretty flexible about trading. I’d offer him cooking dinner tonight for him cooking the next 2 nights in a row, and a massage (or a walk like you enjoy). Makes him more likely to think twice before double booking.


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