Dull Tuesday

Oh, how I wanted to slam my alarm clock against the wall at 4:30 this morning!  Even moreso when I got out to the kitchen and realized that it was only 4:12am!  Ah well, once up, might as well get going, I guess.  Along with going to the gym this morning, I also put in a load of laundry, cleaned up the spare room where I keep my gym stuff, made our bed (I never do this!) and folded last night’s laundry load. Gym was alright this morning, I only got 4 minutes of a jog in before I had to stop because of discomfort but after my weights I got back on the treadmill and felt a lot better so my total jog was 20 minutes.  I also substituted 3 sets of 8, 20 second planks instead of sit ups.  Less strain on my lower back and more of an overall core movement.

All day long yesterday I had been craving strong black tea loaded up with cream and sugar.  In order to satisfy my craving I made a cup of decaf Earl Grey with almond milk and a squirt of honey.  Not exactly the same thing but it turned out to be a suitable substitution, a guilt free one that didn’t upset my stomach or cause me to be awake all night.

Last night when I got home from work we went to the nursery and picked up our tomato plants.  Mine is a cherry tomato and Ray got an Early Girl.  And now, the race/war is on!  I promise I will water them both equally (insert evil laugh here!).  I’m also going to go back to the nursery and buy something called a Tom Tumbler which apparently gives golden yellow grape tomatoes. 

That’s about it for today, hopefully a walk after dinner tonight since we didn’t go yesterday and tomorrow the rains come.  Also, we’re having bacon, eggs and hashbrowns for dinner so a walk would probably be a decent idea.  I was supposed to go to the gym three days this week, today, tomorrow and Friday but I think I’m going to just do two days this week for prudence’s sake and then get back to three next week. 

Now.  Something that I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about!  We ordered these online about a month and a half ago and got them in at the beginning of May.  They’re a really cool ID system for when you’re out jogging, cycling, motorcycling, walking or even if you go to the gym and don’t feel like carrying ID.  I read Tanya’s post about how she jogged home the other day while carrying her driver’s license and I wanted to put this post up then but I never got around to it.

The product is from a company called Road ID.  You choose your style, your color and YOU get to choose what is laser engraved on it.  Whatever you want on it.  We put our names, date of birth, emergency contacts, medical/drug interactions and then we used the last line to put a quote on.  We had originally looked into getting dog tags engraved for use on our motorcycles and when I’m exercising outside alone but the cost was exhorbitant!  You got the first 7 letters for free and then ever letter after was 15 cents…plus the $15 for the actual tags and the price climbed to over $70 before we even got phone numbers on.   The ones we got from Road ID were less than $25 each! 

The Road IDs are laser engraved, as much text as you can cram on there is included.  The one I got is the sport style with a comfy nylon Velcro bracelet.  Ray got the dog tag style one that comes with your text on the front and your choice of over 200 images laser engraved on the back.

The company is very easy to deal with, they are a small business and in the market to make a good impression with good customer service and a quality product!  Lots of options to choose from for style and size and there’s even one for your pet!

An aside, I’m plugging this product because I think it’s important that people have ID in case something bad happens……and this version of an ID bracelet/tag is the nicest one I’ve seen.  Having had the opportunity to test run it for the last few weeks I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the product and am highly recommending!  (I wasn’t compensated for this endorsement in anyway nor was I asked to write it)




7 thoughts on “Dull Tuesday

  1. I used to have a pouch from Road ID that attached to my shoe and I used it for carrying my ID and a $10 bill. This was before Lululemon made all their clothes with pockets, so I rarely use my pouch anymore. Normally I just run with a visa & my ID in a pocket. But, that being said, these are a fantastic product!

    • I like these because it means you don’t have to forever be digging your driver’s license out of your gym clothes….or forgetting and leaving it in there and then being out and about in your vehicle with no ID. 🙂

    • Oh, I never thought of using it for everyday all the time, of course! They have a slim silicone one that would probably wear a bit nicer for everyday than the nylon/velcro one.

  2. I don’t carry any ID when I run (except my iPhone). Should I??? I kind of want to now because I think those Road ID things look really cool. I love the pink bracelet!!!

    • You absolutely should! What if something happened to you, you would be completely anonymous at the hospital! Paramedics and/or hospital need to know who to call for you. On the Road ID website there is a testimonial in particular that struck me, the girl was jogging along as she always did and all of a sudden for no reason, she had a major breathing problem her airway etc shut down and she couldn’t speak for herself.

      They have a lot of cool options for bracelets and colours. And, I forgot to mention in the post, if you order, let me know first and I have a coupon for $1 off shipping. Not a huge amount, but a buck is a buck!

  3. The main reason I had my driver’s license was because I was returning from delivering the van … and after getting a speeding ticket the other day, I can’t afford to be caught doing anything remotely illegal or I’ll get booted out of the deferral program I just signed up for. That being said, this ID thingie you’ve got sounds like a good idea.

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