Not My Week!

I’ve been away from Ye Olde Blog for a few days.  You would think it was because I was off galivanting around Osoyoos.  You would be wrong.  Thursday afternoon, driving home from work I got into a fairly serious car accident.  It was raining and the guy in front of me stopped short for the guy in front of him.  Unfortunately there was an oil slick on the road so instead of stopping in time, I bumped his car (no damage to his vehicle).  Aaaaaannnndddd……several seconds later an SUV  rammed into me from behind at full speed.  Needless to say, I’ve been struggling these past few days.

We did go up to Osoyoos on our planned trip anyway since it was already paid for.  Unfortunately…………it wasn’t what it could have been.  I was poor company and incredibley stressed.  To add insult to injury, I got food poisoning on Friday night.  So if you’re keeping track, that’s bank account cleaned out on Monday, car accident on Thursday, food poisoning on Friday.  Nice, right?

Each day since the accident my back and neck and shoulder have gotten progressively worse until Sunday night when I knew I was in trouble.  I’ve been to see my chiropractor (whom I love and have so much gratitude to over the years) and I’ll be in to see him three more times this week.  I saw my family doctor yesterday as well and she wrote me off work for the week and wrote me a couple of prescriptions.

I haven’t eaten much to speak of since Thursday at lunch time, I haven’t slept since the accident, my anxiety over the past week has been off the charts (for me) and I can no longer tell if I’m having a heart incident or if it’s an anxiety attack.  As you may know, I try very hard not to consume any chemicals or preservatives…………..but unfortunately I’ve had to break the rules and last night I took a sleeping pill.  Sometimes you just need a little help getting over the hump…..and dealing with anxiety and stress becomes harder the less sleep you’ve had.  Vicious cycle!  Plus, while it may seem inconsequential given everything else that is going on, I’m not cleared for exercise except walking for at least a month.  That bothers me quite a bit…………it bothers me that some asshole woman was on the phone and not paying attention to the hazard lights ahead of her and slammed into my car and ruined my quality of life in the short term.

Yesterday afternoon we took my car to the insurance adjuster and they wrote it off.  It had more than $7500 damage to it and it’s just not worth that much.  They gave me more for the write off than I was expecting which is great news.  Unfortunately I am four months away from being car payment free.  What that means is that the Total Loss Cheque from the insurance company does not get paid to me……………it gets written to the car company, they take what they are owed and then they mail me back a cheque for the balance.  The trouble with that is that it takes mailing time across the country + 10 clearing days for the cheque + 3 business days to cut a new cheque + mailing back across the country.  So what I have here is no car and no money with which to get a new car for approximately 20 working days.  That’s a month.

It seems like everytime I turn around, I’m getting screwed somehow and I’m really getting tired of it.  My bank still has not returned the money that was stolen from my account, I have no car, I’m injured and I can’t even go and think about getting a new car for a month because I won’t have the downpayment money from the insurance company.

So, I’m going to go and lay down now for awhile and try to unchemically calm myself down enough that I can make breakfast.


11 thoughts on “Not My Week!

  1. Mama said there’ll be days like this, she just didn’t say how many…and how many in a row! I hurt for you because I know that no matter how much you try, nothing seems to be working. All I can give you is a kind thought and a suggestion to breathe in deeply and let it out deeply. That may get you by minute by minute, and sometimes it’s all we can do to get through the minutes. And when, as often happens, that doesn’t work, try gathering all your oldest dishes together, taking them outside and throwing them against the house. It helps to release some tension. And you will have cleaned out some things you didn’t really like anyway;-)

  2. Wow. I know that nothing I say will make you feel better, so I’ll just start with, “my, what a shitty week you had!” 😉 It sure makes my little blister-on-my-heel story look like a fairy tale. Well, while you’re laid up with whiplash, without money or a car, know that I’m sending you positive vibes. I really am sorry that you’ve gone through so much crap in such a short amount of time. BUT, I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” Life gets all sucky, pushing you out of your comfort zone, to make room for the good stuff. What’s that saying? “When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.” Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery, money in the bank and a shiny new car.

    • I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be learning for this experience. At this point I still don’t have a clue…..I thought maybe it was supposed to be to keep on pushing no matterehatnlife throws at you but since I already practice that wholeheartedly, I’m still searching. Maybe it is a lesson to trust God and a plan that I’m not aware of. We’ll see, I imagine, soon enough, what all of this is for.

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice comment!

  3. Not your week would be an understatement. The calamady of things that have come together to make the perfect storm in your world have blown my mind. Its crazy that a person who takes such good care of herself and is in charge of her life has all these freak things happen in such a short timespan which totally fuck you up! And all of it is out of your control!

    Really is hard to know what to say to a person with all this going on. Just know that as always I am here for you night or day. And I am sending positive energy towards you even if you can’t feel it right now. xoxo

    • I know, Tara, you don’t have today anything……I really appreciate you and knowing you are always there for me means more than I can express!

  4. Wow, it’s hard to know what to say to all that that doesn’t sound trite. … Other than maybe you’ll soon be due for an equally good bounce back in the other direction? One can only hope!

  5. Awww! What a terrible week for you!! I hate hate hate car accidents, and the bullshit that subsequently comes with it! 2.5 yrs ago, coming home from work I was t-boned going through a busy intersection. I made the mistake of moving my car out of the intersection and therefore no witnesses stopped. The other guy ran a red light, and it was 100% his fault, but I had to wait for ICBC to do not one, but three independent investigations before they ruled in my favor. My car was written off, I was injured, I didn’t have a replacement car, and they wouldn’t give me my full money for my car until the liability was decided. We were going to Mexico a few weeks after that, and the combination of hard beds, no physio/massage, and flights made my back so much worse. And, 2 days before heading home, I got food poisoning sick! Spent the last 2 days of our tropical vacay in bed and on the toilet, and had to fly home sick, so sick in fact that I had to go straight to the hospital from the airport. It was a terrible month for me, and in turn, I wasn’t able to exercise as much as normal, and gained weight, and my terrible month, turned into terrible months, plural.

    But, there is a positive to this story, I promise! ICBC ruled 100% in my favor, despite the odds of not having any witnesses, and it would have been in their best option to rule 50/50. I was able to replace my I started my exercise back up slowly, and started running again, and built up a really good base because I had to progress slowly. I ended up telling ICBC I wasn’t going to settle until after I could do things I could do before the accident, ie, run a half marathon. So, I trained for a half, and then I decided to train for a full. I completed the full, something I never ever thought I’d be able to accomplish. That was last May. On Sunday, I completed my 2nd marathon, in sub 4:00 hours (which for the average runner, is a huge accomplishment!) I truly believe the only reason I was able to complete my first was because the accident forced me to build slowly, and taught me that slow and steady is the way to go for building an exercise base. In December, ICBC and I settled, and I deposited a nice chunk of change into our house fund.

    It took a long time for me to see it, but I do believe that my accident changed my life, in a good way. I love my Nissan Rogue that I bought after the accident. I love the fact that I was able to run not one, but two marathons, and I love that I was able to lose all the weight I gained from the accident, and then some. I love that the accident taught me to cherish the days when I’m not injured, and can just go out for a run.

    Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to share my story with you. Today sucks, this past few weeks haven’t been great to you, the next few will probably suck as well. But, you’ll make it through this, and you’ll be a stronger person. You seem to have a great support system, and if you need one more, I’m here to talk 🙂 Just take things one day at a time, one step at a time, and know that things will get better for you. I promise 🙂


    • Thank you. Thank you so very much for your comments and your concern! It’s so nice to know that you have people in your corner, even if you’ve never met them!

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