A Good Long Weekend

First, I am still waiting for restitution from my bank.  It’s now been 4 days. 
Second, when I got home last night, Ray told me he might be getting suspended.
He dropped a load of these
on one of these
It was an accident, a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances.  From all reports this morning, it is being chalked up as an accident, no suspension.  Phew!  Fortunately he’s a 38 year employee with an absolutely unblemished record.  That probably helps in the decision on whether or not to suspend him, if he was a dumbass with write ups all over his record it would probably not even be a question.  But he’s a a good guy who was trying to fix something that was unstable and the result was unfortunate.  Also unfortunate is that the guy whose truck it was came to my office door this morning to discuss the incident with our people…..and he was HUUUUUGE.  Easily 6’6 and 300 pounds.  Yikes!  He didn’t seem tooooo mad though.
In better news, tomorrow morning I’m going to go and rent one of these

2012 Toyota Canry

and with my mom and my sister, we’re going here

Osoyoos, British Columbia

We’re going to stay here

Safari Beach Resort

for two nights.  It’ll be our little home base while we tour around to a few of these
In the evening we’re planning on relaxing and drinking some of this
and I’m planning on eating a lot of this
Enjoy your weekend, I’m pretty excited about mine!

2 thoughts on “A Good Long Weekend

  1. Even though I’ve been chatting with you about this trip for a while – seeing you put it all down in pictures almost made me tear up with envy! I hope you have the most fabulous time and get to relax and unwind from the nasty, terrible week preceding it! xoxo Travel safe!

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