It’s pouring with rain this morning and not supposed to let up at all so I feel fairly confident that my next statement won’t change.  In the month of April, Ray and I walked 70.87 kilometers.  That is approximately 70.87 MORE than we have walked any other month!  When we added it up last night, Ray’s comment was “OK, that explains why I’m losing weight!”.  It doesn’t feel like that much when you’re doing a little every day but it certainly adds up!  Since Ray is away for an entire week in May and I am away for my own three days in May, I am (secretly) setting our goal for 50km in May.
If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, why not??) you already know this.  Friday night we were having drinks with a friend from work who is retiring.  In my wine-haze, I agreed to give up my iPhone and iPad from 5pm on Friday until 7pm on Sunday….Ray said that I was addicted to them and I said that I wasn’t and I was going to prove it!  As it is, I reached for it and stopped myself far more often than I thought that I would.  It was definitely an eye opener to how much I use them both!  It also came out that Ray felt a little like I ignore him sometimes when my face is buried in my iPad when we’re home or my iPhone when we’re out/in the car.  It was a good exercise and now I will definitely be more aware of when I use it and how much I’m looking at it when we’re spending time together. 
Saturday morning I knew I wanted us to go for a long walk, what I didn’t know was that Ray would wake me up at 6:24am on Saturday morning to do it!  We had a really good time though, went exploring a park further from our house than we normally go.  It’s a rather rugged, unmaintained park and there was climbing over fallen trees, wiggling through dense underbrush and squeezing under fallen trees too high to climb over.  We also forded a creek due to a washed out footbridge.  All within 4 kilometers of our house!  Awesome start to the day!  We were home by 8, Ray settled in to watch his car shows on TV for a couple of hours and I had a bath, did my hair and makeup and then went back to bed for awhile. 
Saturday night we didn’t get up to much….and since there was no iPad to distract me and we didn’t want to turn on the television, we ended up laying on the sofa and chatting for a couple of hours in the quiet.  It was really nice, something we can sometimes take for granted when there are distractions….that we like each other’s company and can spend uninteruppted hours together!  During this “together” time, we made a decision that will possibly be changing our lives.  There will be more information to come on that one but we’re kind of excited about it!
Sunday we rode our motorcycles for a few hours and then came home and Ray worked on the RV and I finally, FINALLY finished cleaning up the front garden and it’s now ready for planting season.  Of course we’re having torrential spring rains right now so all that will be growing for now is the weeds, but at least it’s ready when the sun comes!  The wagon is frozen where it is for now as we are having a hard time finding the parts that will hold the wheels on.  I have some ideas though and then it’ll be full steam ahead on that project as well!
That’s it for me.  Reading this post back I realize it’s probably incredibly boring, but it’s written now so it’s getting published!

2 thoughts on “Grounded!

    • It’s done quite a bit for us, actually. The exercise is nice but it seems to have drawn us even closer that we do something good for ourselves, together. Of course, we’re also the couple that all of our friends poke fun at….we do everything together, groceries, folding laundry, errands etc. Our friends all tell us that this isn’t a normal way to behave…….but we enjoy it and that’s all that matters!

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