Last night when I got home I was bagged after having no sleep the night before, a tiring day training someone new and an epic commute home.  I made my lunch and was about to start on getting dinner going when Ray popped into the kitchen and declared that I looked tired and could he take me out for dinner instead.  Um…YES!  Oh my God, YES!  I called our favourite restaurant and talked to the chef/owner to ask if there was anything on her menu that I would be able to work with.  Normally when we’ve gone there we have the baked lasagne or I have a korma dish or her black bean salad.  Obviously none of which would work.  She was amazing though and ran through the menu and told us to come on down.  We’ve known her for 5 years, what I didn’t know was that besides being an amazing chef, she has a degree in something to do with nutrition.  I’m not sure what her designation is but she had info on things I had no clue about.  Info like yellow mustard being off limits for grain free because it’s typically milled in the same plant as wheat and oats.  Coarse grain mustard is alright though.  She also gave me info on certain sugars that are derived from grain or use grain byproducts.  It was all very interesting and while I’m not going to go crazy regarding really minor things like that, it sheds some light on the times when I will eat what I think is completely clean and then get the bloat and can’t figure out why….maybe things like mustard which are cross contaminated? 
Anyway, I had baby back ribs with homemade Sweet Onion Bourbon BBQ sauce and a couple handmade potato chips (Ray ate the rest of those) with a little green salad.  She offered us a slice of cheesecake (with a “don’t eat the crust” warning) but we declined, huge dessert in the middle of the week is a bad habit to get into!  The ribs were delicious and sticky and a lovely treat to have someone else cook for me on a Wedneday.  Bonus points for my man!
If you recall, I was supposed to hit the gym last night during the hockey game to make up for my missed morning.  Obviously (is it obvious?) since we went out for dinner, that was a write off so I retooled my plan.  I went to early gym this morning, I’ll skip my regular Friday and go on Saturday morning and then back to regular next week.  I’m not too worried about not having the whole weekend off like I normally do because I’ve just had 6 days off from lifting. 
Tonight I think we’re hitting Costco and then I’m getting to work on a project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  Ray has a medium large wooden wagon from when his kids were little.  The metal frame has a bit of surface rust but is in decent shape and the deck of the wagon is in really good shape.  The wheels are all cracked and wrecked though and the whole thing needs to be greased. So, I’m going to strip off the hideous bright blue paint and clean up the frame (our neighbor might sand blast it for me).  I’ve already bought shiny new wheels for it.  Once it’s all cleaned up it’s getting painted high gloss black with a very high gloss clear coat and it’s getting Harley Davidson decals on the sides and some orange pinstriping (or flames?) and then I’m going to park it in our entrance outside and put all different black flower pots on it and plant all different orange flowers.  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now………Tuesday I bought the wheels for it and yesterday Ray went and got some paint stripper so I think the project will get realized this spring!

1 thought on “Wagon

  1. I LOVE your wagon project idea! Definitely post some pics when it’s completed! And that’s really cool that the chef was so informative and sensitive to your needs. Baby back ribs sounds like a wonderful treat! 🙂

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