Easter Wrap-Up

The Bunny has hopped off to wherever he goes after his big day and the world is back to normal (with perhaps more chocolate per household than is strictly necessary). 
I just glanced back at my list from Thursday and thought I’d see how I did.
  • gym on Friday ~ check!
  • groceries on Friday ~ check!
  • Easter dinner on Saturday ~ check (and YUM!)
  • cook on Sunday ~ check (and again, YUM!)
  • finish book ~ check
  • enjoy morning coffee time ~ check on all three days!
  • give myself a pedicure ~ nope, not even close. 
  • have a smoothie ~ check
  • go for a long walk ~ check x 2 for a total of 13.21km!!
  • take a nap ~ check….but unfortunate because I was under the weather that day so it was non-negotiable
  • dust the upstairs ~ check, and vacuumed and mopped the floors
  • drink water & tea ~ check
  • don’t drink more than 3 drinks ~ missed that one by 1!  Three wines at Easter dinner, one beer in the driveway beforehand
  • one chocolate per day ~ missed that one by 2.  But, Ray and I shared every piece that we did have
  • limit sodium ~ check, no problem there!
Thursday night we went to the Lindt factory outlet store and stood in line for over an hour and a half to score some discounted chocolate…which turned out to be not discounted at all, really.  Whatever, we still got a tonne of chocolate and most of it is now dispersed to the people it was purchased for.  Thank heavens!  We also sold our tent trailer on Thursday night (to the crazy woman with “the littles” who has now asked us to deliver it to their house this weekend….whatever, the sooner I don’t have to communicate with her, the better!).
Friday morning I got up early and went to the gym and then had my much anticipated lazy morning coffee time when I got home.  Ray was still in his jammies and we weren’t in a hurry to get up to much.  We ran errands and then Ray went for dinner with his mom.  I chose to stay home in order to avoid eating out and having to consume mediocre food and endless sodium.  I made myself a smoked salmon and goat cheese omelette topped with avocado and a side of roasted yam.  It was deeeeelicious!

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Omelette w/ a side of roasted yams. A new favourite!

After dinner we were both feeling a bit restless so we bundled up (it was toque-chilly!) and went for a long walk, 6.3 kilometers, our longest & fastest to date.  We both guessed that it was only about 5km and it turned out to be much more so I took that as a sign that our (Ray’s) speed and endurance is getting better.  All good!
Saturday morning we went hubcap shopping and then came home and ate lunch.  My sister arrived early and we all got to sit in the gorgeous sunshine and enjoy a beer.   Then we all piled into my loaner truck (I traded cars with Kyle….his Ford F-150 super cab for my little Saturn) and headed out to Chilliwack for easter dinner.

Relaxin' in the sunshine....driveway-style!

Sunday we enjoyed lazy coffee again and then headed out for another walk, this time a destination of my choosing.  Turned out that we now have a new record both in speed and distance.  Our walk yesterday was 6.91km and took us exactly the same amount of time as our 6.3km one.  (Maybe it seems silly to be excited about walking, it’s not very advanced or technical.  But it means a lot in our lives, where we’ve been and where we want to go)  When we got home we had lunch and then Ray mowed the lawn and washed the window off the dining room while I vacuumed, dusted and mopped the floors.  I also cleaned up the hurricane that is my “gym staging area”…also known as our spare room. 

Vinegar & newspaper cuts all the grease and muck that clouds your windows! Plus, then your kitchen smells like a fish n chips store!


Little better....now I need some baskets.

For dinner yesterday I made Imam Bayildi from this website.  I fried a half a pound of chopped up organic bacon first and then used the bacon fat to fry the onions and garlic.  Next time I would also add more bacon and instead of stuffing the eggplant shells I’ll chop up the entire eggplant and just bake it as a casserole.  Neither one of us really liked the “shell” of the eggplant but we both really loved the filling. 

So delicious! Turkish comfort food.

That’s about it for the weekend.  Food was solid, I mostly stuck to my guns regarding treats and booze, I got lots of exercise and lots of rest.  Unfortunately I also got a massive allergy attack last night, slept almost not at all and so this morning I did not head to the gym.  I am skipping out an hour early today though and going after work.  Redemption!
I’ll talk about it more tomorrow…..but I’m in negotiations with myself right now about whether or not I can pull off a 10km run this coming Sunday.  Bearing in mind that I am not trained for it at all (not an iota) but that I am in decent shape and I think the course is pretty flat, I think I’m going to go for it, weather permitting.  Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Easter Wrap-Up

  1. Sounds like a nice Easter! And I hear you with the diabolical allergy attacks. I get them from time to time, and I’ve had my eyes swell shut from them before. Horrible.

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