Happy Easter!

We have a three day weekend coming up and I’m so excited for the time off that I’m scared I’m going to either do absolutely nothing and come back on Monday disappointed that I wasted the time, or I’m going to cram the time so full of errands and chores that I come back on Monday exhausted and pissed off.
How does a girl manage?  Make a plan! 
Here are the things I have to do:
  • gym Friday morning at 8am
  • get groceries on Friday
  • Easter dinner on Saturday afternoon
  • cook on Sunday (imam bayildi)
Here are the things that I want to do:
  • finish reading my book
  • enjoy a relaxing morning coffee time
  • give myself a pedicure
  • have a smoothy
  • go for a long walk (at least one)
  • take a nap
  • dust the upstairs of our house
  • drink a constant flow of water & tea
Here are the things that I do NOT want to do:
  • have more than one or two drinks (three is max!)
  • eat more than one small piece of chocolate/day
  • consume an excess of sodium
So it would seem that my “want to do” list are all things that make me feel good and mostly do not relate to food.  My “do not want” list is all food things that make me feel crappy.  So in summary, I would like to do enjoyable things while not feeling like a bag of crap at the end of the weekend.  Maybe it seems weird to write it out in detail, maybe you’re wondering why I need to make this list at all.  For me, writing it down makes it real.  Sometimes things get carried away and out of control and you lose sight of what the ultimate goal is.  Maybe other people have the ability to just do what they need to do…..but for me, when I get excited about time off or a fun adventure, sometimes I lose a little of the rationality…..a list helps me to ground and focus myself so that I can achieve a balance. 
Yesterday when I got home from work we laced up and went for a long walk.  4.78km yesterday for a total of 15.64km over the past four days.   That’s a fairly impressive number if you consider that Ray hasn’t been getting any exercise at all.  I’m interested to see what the scale says for him the next time he gets on (he’s a random scale user so it could be awhile).  These walks are so calming and enjoyable for us (well, I assume Ray finds it enjoyable, he does keep doing it after all!).  So far we’ve done three big ones and they’ve gone to different places all three times.  This weekend I have a destination I want to walk to which is rather far to get to so it’ll probably be a good long one.  Really looking forward to that!
A very happy Easter to all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to write things down. I hate to do that for so many reasons, all of them wrong-headed and many of them secretive. So, okay (sigh), I’ll try…

  2. Nice lists! I’ve tried to make To Do lists, but they usually get thrown aside for one reason or another. I get distracted really easily, especially when I’m doing something like chores. LOL! I’ve never really thought to write out stuff I actually WANT to do, though. I might have to try that next weekend. Maybe I’ll feel like the weekend wasn’t a total waste if I do a few things that I really want to do (as opposed to things that I just have to do). Hmm…what a concept!

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