You Can’t Win Them All….Apparantly

Today was my much anticipated day off of work to go shopping across the line.  As mentioned, I still had plans to get up at my early time and hit the gym for my regular Friday workout.  And I did.  Up and out the door, in the gym by 4:55am this morning (that is record time!).  I started out as per normal on the treadmill and after about 10 minutes things started to go sideways.  Little did I know that this would be an omen for the rest of the day.

I had planned to do a longer run to bump up my endurance after several weeks of not really using my cardio like I used to (and a 10k in less than a month).  At the 10 minute mark though, I started to feel funny.  Like…..sweat pouring off me and really nauseated.  I stepped onto the side bars for a minute to see if it would pass.  That was the end of my cardio though as I headed quickly to the bathroom to throw up.  I think that it was probably because I took my allergy pill with a whole bunch of water before I went to the gym this morning and all that water sloshing around in my empty stomach just didn’t work out.

I did complete Workout B as planned since after a few minutes of sitting I felt fine.  I have switched my deadlifts from the Olympic Bar to dumbbells even though that’s not exactly what the NROL book wants you to do.  The thing is that I have tried the olympic bar deadlifts 3 workouts now and it just feels too akward for me.  Since I’m about listening to my body, I switched the equipment to dumbbells and it worked much better!  I also jacked the weight up on my lunges and my overhead dumbbell press this morning.  🙂

Coming home I had coffee already made and sat and sipped it and read blogs until I felt like getting in the shower and then eventually having breakfast.  It was The Best Part Of The Day!  I shoulda quit while I was ahead!

Left the house and plugged my border crossing into the GPS and headed out.  Approximately 5 minutes from home is a major bridge crossing and then freeway all the way to the border.  That bridge is where I became mired in traffic so thick that we were moving forward approximately 2 inches every 10 minutes.  Horrible.  Trapped, pissy, had to pee like crazy (all that water after my gym incident came back to haunt me).  TWO HOURS LATER, I finally crossed the border.  TWO HOURS to go what should have been 20 minutes.  And that two hours was only that short because I got the hell off the freeway at the first possible exit and twisted and wound my way through the backroads to avoid the fuel spill that had all but closed the freeway.

My first stop was Kohl’s.  OK.  Kohl’s?  Not so much for me.  It was all really……old…..and……frumpy………..and expensive!  Around the 5 minute mark of being in Kohl’s I had to high tail it for the bathroom again and thought I would revisit the AM puking routine since that was apparantly so fun!  😦

I drove myself a half a block over to Target where I have had LOTS of success in the past only to find that all their athletic wear had been picked over by a hurricane, their homewares section was in complete disarray and there was nothing that appealed to me in the women’s clothes.  Well….I shouldn’t say that there was nothing.  I did find one cute outfit. I may be somewhat limited as to where I can wear it though.  😉

Cost me $40 in fuel and 5 hours to get this outfit!

Yep, jammies.  Well….the t shirt technically isn’t but it is so soft that it had to become a pj shirt.  It says “Lost in Love”.

Trader Joe was my next stop, they do not carry coconut products as I was led to believe.  They were out of Fig Butter, they had no herb/chive cheese for Tara, they had piss-all that was on my list.  I bought salami and pecans.  Right.  Because that was worth the trip!

One more stop at Fred Meyer where I bought nothing and saw nothing and wish I wouldn’t have bothered stopping at all and then headed for home.

In keeping with my theme of a crappy day, about halfway through the hour drive home I became so sleepy that I had to take my coat off, open all the windows in the truck and blast the radio.  So I’ve now puked twice, suffered a horrible shopping day and become a narcoleptic?  Super!  Once home I dumped everything in the front entrance and crawled into bed for a 3 hour nap.  I’d still be napping now but I got hungry!

Crappy day.  Crap-crap-crappy.  I’m actually really glad that Tara and my sister couldn’t come with me, at least we all didn’t have to suffer!  Regarding the Target situation, I think going in the middle of spring but not yet summer, I was there in the middle of a stock change.  I’ll remember that!

I plan to grill bacon-cheddar sirloin patties for dinner and serve them with a green salad topped with goat cheese, pine nuts and strawberries and then eat a Lindt bunny for dessert….or a glass of wine.  Maybe both?  Probably neither.  😉

Tomorrow I’m going to go and finish the run I should have got done this morning….probably indoors at the gym, the weather looks pretty crappy.  Maybe some tanning & a steam….that should feel good too!


5 thoughts on “You Can’t Win Them All….Apparantly

  1. OK, but those were some seriously cute jammies….I am sorry Trader Joe’s was out of Fig Butter, I have been wanting to try it (I shouldn’t tell you I am walking distance to a Trader Joe’s, right… this would be what is called “a bad time”?) Kohl’s is always hit and miss, But good deals can be found on the clearance racks (I have bought tons of cute and cheap workout clothes!)

    That being said… you are a better woman that me, after puking your heart out you finished your workout AND still went shopping. I hurl and I curl up and avoid humans for 24-48 hours unless they are bringing me saltines and chicken broth.

    • LOL! I’d be in trouble if I was within walking distance to a Trader Joe! If you ever do find Fig Butter, I would pay good money to get you to mail it to me? 😉

      And yes, if I was actually sick I would have gone right home…..but it was just a weird thing today, I felt great during the rest of the workout, not struggling for energy or focus at all which seems maybe weird……although maybe that whole thing is why I was so tired this afternoon.

      How’re you doing, I haven’t heard much on your end these days? Things ok?

      • Next time I stop in to TJ’s I will look for this magical fig butter 🙂 I have been hiding in shame. My exercise is going well but my diet sucks, and I just can’t drop a pound because of it. I should be blogging so I stay honest, but again, I am hiding. I am not sure how to get a handle on it again. 😦 I’ll get back on the wagon (or at least i will try…)

      • Aw, I’m sorry! Maybe you need to rethink the style of your wagon?

        Don’t beat yourself up, you deserve to be nice to you….self shaming only creates bad feelings which we try to counter with food…..and the cycle continues.

        sending good thoughts, my friend.

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