You CAN Buy Nookie!

Oh, week, where have you gone?  Each day has passed unbelieveably slowly and yet here we are at Thursday afternoon already!  I’m not sad about that though because tomorrow is my day off to go shopping in the US (yep, I’m Canadian) at all the cool stores that are over the border.  Target, Trader Joe, Kohl’s…you know, the stores that we have no hope in hell of ever getting here. 
So tomorrow morning I’m getting up at my regular gym time of 4:45, going to hit the gym and do a longer warmup run than I normally do since I won’t be tight for time.  Tomorrow is Workout B which is the one that includes lunges and deadlifts.  I got some instruction on deadlifts by someone at my work who is very knowledgeable about weight lifting so I’m excited to try them again tomorrow with proper stance and form. 
By the time I get home the coffee will be made (thank you coffee timer!) and I can shower, eat and then hit the road.  I’m packing my own food for tomorrow so that I don’t have to worry about finding anywhere that will cater to my particular brand of eating.  I realize that this is probably not that normal, but same as going to the gym on my day off I’ll eat as per normal too because it’s a day off of work, not a day off of being healthy and clean.
I was very pleased to get on the scale this morning (and look in the mirror) and find that my weight is way down (back to lowest) and my midsection is back to normal after a few days of bloat last weekend and early this week.  So THAT means that shopping for clothes should go a little better?  Fingers crossed!
Tonight in order to celebrate my day off, I’m grilling a ribeye for us to share as well as some Baked Breaded Scallops (breaded in a mixture of pecan and walnut crumbs), roasted yams and a mixture of roasted mushrooms and red onion.  Sounds like a huge dinner but we’re sharing the steak, it’s only 4 scallops each (or all 8 for Ray if it turns out that I can’t choke them down) and a little bit of yam and lots of mushrooms/onions.  I’m really looking forward to dinner, actually!  And in other food-related news, Ray spontaneously asked me out on a date last night for this weekend.  Like….and actual date.  As in….”Can I take you out for dinner this weekend?”.  Because this is so unusual, I was apprehensive and a little suspicious.  My first thought was that we’re breaking up (not) and my second thought was that he bought a new dog and just hasn’t told me yet.  LOL!  Probably more than likely this is a butter-up-your-girlfriend-so-she’ll-stop-smacking-you-every-time-you-make-a-move-on-her tactic.  But that’s fine, it’ll probably work too!  GUYS:  Appreciation, consideration and a little pampering will do wonders for your sex life!  Just a tip.  😉
Finally, my new favourite quote/saying I read this morning on Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat.  “HTFU!”.  Harden the Fuck Up!  As in, do the right things, eat the right food, delay gratification, do the work to reap the reward!  Stop waiting for things to just happen or for the hard choices to magically get easier.  Get going.  Start moving.  Stop your bitching and HTFU!!!  I’ll be using it all weekend while I make really good choices so that I can keep moving forward instead of being trapped in the cycle of do good, backslide, do good to catch up, backslide every goddamn weekend! 

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