Can I Get You A Drink?

Another weekend in the books!
Friday I left work at 2pm to enjoy the insane sunshine that we were experiencing.  Since we haven’t had a sunny weekend yet this year, it seemed well worth it to eat up a couple of hours of vacation time in order to not be at work!  I went home and we sat outside and enjoyed a frosty beverage together before we had to get ready to go for dinner. 

Oh, thank God, we finally got sunshine!

Saturday we slept in a little and then I made breakfast before we went for a nice long walk through our neighborhood and surrounding area.  Again, not my suggestion so I’m kind of impressed!  Saturday I spent most of the day digging plants and splitting plants and moving plants and mowing the yard while Ray worked on getting our tent trailer ready to sell.  Given our busyness the day passed by quickly and before we knew it and we hadn’t eaten all day except for an apple as a snack.  Instead of preparing a proper lunch, my allergy addled brain decided that I should serve us beer instead.  Riiight.  Good nutrition!  Off we went for dinner to Boston Pizza where I ordered the chicken salad and yes, I brought my own dressing.  😉  I was really suffering with allergies by the end of dinner and so I opted us out of the movie portion of the “dinner & a movie” and we went home.  I was in bed at 8pm and slept through until Sunday morning. 
Sunday was a virtual repeat of Saturday except that by mid day on Sunday my allergies were just horrible and it was all I could do to not lay on the sofa and cry.  By the time it was “go and get groceries” time I was in no shape to do anything and so for lunch today I have a protein shake and a half a cup of mixed berries.  Ah well, it’ll do for now.  Tonight we’re going to run to Costco and the grocery store when I get home from work.
And the reason that we can do this?  Because I went to the gym already today!  I decided to test run my theory that I could get to the gym, do my workout + stretching and get back in my car and be home in time to get ready as per usual.  Worked great!  Again, there was no one in the gym this morning and I was free to do my own thing.  Today was Workout B again with the deadlifts and lunges.  I really hate lunges.  A lot.  (when 4:45am rolled around and my alarm went off I started thinking maybe I wouldn’t go to the gym……..and then someone started pounding on our front door and psycho ringing our door bell.  There’s nothing that gets you out of bed quicker than that!  Turns out it was our down the street neighbor who was on his way to work and noticed that we’d left our garage door open all night.  He is a rough-and-tumble sort of biker/Harley mechanic/overall really sweet guy who was terrified that we’d left the door open and been axe-murdered in the night.  He was so worked up about it that he was shaking!  Poor guy!  Anyway, being completely wide awake at that point and having already crapped my pants, off to the gym I went!)
As soon as it sounds, I’ve already noticed slight improvements in my strength.  The first time I did Workout B I maxed out at 10lbs for the dumbell shoulder press, but this morning that was already too easy so I bumped up to 12.5 pounds.  Not a huge increase but an increase nonetheless!
I’m really not feeling Monday, I know that when work starts I’m going to have a lot to focus on and do and my allergy-brain is just not all there.  Thankfully today though, it’s raining and I spend the entire day indoors so I should get some allergy relief!
We ate kind of shitty over the weekend.  No grains or anything for me……but we didn’t eat regularly and there was quite a lot of sodium consumption.  And alcohol!  Two beers, one caesar and 18 oz of red wine.  Too much booze and not enough water!  And the scale reflects it, I’m up 3 pounds from Friday and 5 from last weekend.  I’ll be flooding my system with vegetables and water and tea (dandielion tea, anyone?) this week to break the water retention and get things back to normal.

How perfect? I was drinking beer and sunning myself and Ray was washing my car....on my freshly mowed lawn.


6 thoughts on “Can I Get You A Drink?

  1. Sounds great! I spent my weekend on the couch with a throat infection….:-( And it was also the first sunny weekend in London for a long, long time! Well, I hope Monday’s been treating you well! x

    • Sounds like the drink you should be getting is lemon, honey and a shot of rye or spiced rum. See? There’s the alcohol again! LOL!

      Hope you’re feeling better!!!

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