Mornings, Updated!

Morning.  Good very earrrrly morning!  My alarm jangled at 4:30 this morning and I would be lying if I didn’t spend the next 15 minutes while getting dressed and going to the bathroom, thinking about an appropriate excuse to use to get back into bed and not feel self and boyfriend inflicted shame over being such a loser as to go back to bed!  😉
The gym was completely empty this morning which was really nice.  I did Workout A again this morning only this time I jacked up the weight on some of the exercises.  Plus I did the step ups properly this morning.  I was playing it safe the first day but it’s not the first day anymore so no more Ms Nice Girl!  The pushups I definitely had more trouble with but I think that’s probably standard given the muscle soreness and fatigue that is present after the first two rounds. 
Since there was no one else around, I took the opportunity to really look at myself in all the mirrors at all different angles during the exercises.  What I noticed is that I am fairly small overall but flabby.  I have muscle, I can feel it and see it when I’m working, however there is also a goodly amount of flab going on.  My complaint of late (the last 5 years) has always been that I have big legs/thighs.  This is true….but it won’t be for long, I hope.  With the paleo diet and the impending gain of muscle and therefore metabolism, I’m really hoping to get the excess fat off of my thighs!  And with the ab exercises combined with the paleo diet I should get a fairly flat midsection.  Overall if I had to stay right here where I am forever, I would be alright with that.  But the fact is that I don’t have to settle for right here.  Onward and upward!
I realized this morning that with the length of the NROL workouts that I can actually go to the gym and do my routine and then get home and have a shower and breakfast as normal.  This will be nice especially in the summer because I ride my motorcycle to work and taking it to the gym with all my shower/clothes stuff is not feasible.  This ability to get up at 4:45, head right for the gym and then come home and carry on as normal is a huge bonus for me, the most stressful part of morning gyming is packing up and humping all my clothes, food, coffee and shower stuff with me all the time.  I learned yesterday in my reading and research of all things nutritional and paleo, that workouts when you’re stressed or pushing yourself beyond what you can handle is actually a contributor to up-production of cortisol and insulin which causes belly fat and burnout.  I really like working out in the mornings though so this ability to do so a couple times a week without the pain & hassle of packing my shit around makes me very happy!
Last night Ray worked 4 hours of OT so I zipped down to the mall and bought a cute top (the dress I wanted looked like a gunnysack when on) and then went home and got a great lemon-thyme grey cod with roasted zucchini and brocoli slaw ready for our late dinner.  After dinner Ray was feeling a bit restless so suggested that we take a long walk.  I was a little surprised but I think he’s coming around slowly but surely.  Off we went into the dusky mild evening.  We went about 5.5 kilometers at a moderate pace and when we got home it was time for my bedtime, 4:30am comes early!
That’s it for me, no gym this weekend, probably yardwork and mowing, maybe a good trail walk with Ray?  Tonight is dinner out with Ray’s mom so I’ll be having a steak salad.  Tomorrow night is dinner out with a group of friends so I’ll be having….a chicken salad.  And on Sunday Ray wants tacos so I’ll be having….a taco salad.  I’m going to turn into a rabbit!  PS….I’m also taking my own grain/gluten/corn-free salad dressing with me to all of these locations….that’s not weird, right?
Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Mornings, Updated!

  1. I’m looking forward to earlier daylight so I can run in the mornings before work. Then I can be smug about my early morning accomplishment all day! haha…

    Glad to hear that your first week is going well with the new workout! Looking foward to some sunshine this weekend to get outside.

    PS: I’m totally down with bringing your own dressing.

    • Oh, mornings are so great! Sets you up just bloody perfect for the rest of the day!

      Plus I always find it’s like you’ve just made a 25 hour day! Bonus time never hurts!

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