It’s Sunday night, I’m sitting on the sofa having just enjoyed a very delicious grain/bean free home made chili and I’m counting the minutes until an appropriate amount of time has passed so that I can try the Paleo Pear Tart that I made today.

I put the chili together after dinner yesterday so that all I had to do was flip the crockpot on this morning.  I made my standard chili recipe but eliminated the black beans, kidney beans and kernel corn.  Instead I doubled the meat and threw in fresh roma tomatoes, fresh zucchini, oven roasted mushrooms and oven roasted red and green peppers.  It was absolutely delicious and we didn’t miss the beans at all!

My original plan for today was to laze about in bed until I felt like getting up and then shower, throw my season of House on DVD in and laze about some more while Ray watched Daytona.  A total recharge day.  As it turned out I was awake and out of bed at 7:30, showered and in the driveway ready to head to my mom’s for coffee at 8:30… which time I went straight back in the house because my car wouldn’t start.  Gr!  Turned out that my day of recharge turned into a day that I would have to recharge my battery….and then fork over $110 to get a new battery.  Ah well, at least someone got recharged.  😉

Daytona was rained out and cancelled so Ray’s day didnt’ go as planned either.  When I got home from my mom’s we made and ate lunch and then headed out to Costco to buy a new battery for my dud  car.  Once we got home and sat down for a minute we realized we wanted to go and run a couple errands in North Van so hopped in the car again and off we went.  Wasn’t a very relaxing day, but it was nice to be completely spontaneous.

I’m spending the rest of the evening on the sofa in my house coat with my book (The Night Circus) and a cup of tea.  I’ll eat some tart a little later and let you know what it’s like later.

I leave you with a shot of a beautiful white cactus flower in my kitchen.


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