You know when you make a pledge to something and you are in a place where you are unwavering in your committment?  Well it would seem that people who go grain-free, gluten free, paleo or primal or whatever other thing you want to call it, fit in that boat quite often.  Me included.

That does NOT mean that I don’t sometimes sit on the sofa and drool over things that I have loved in the past.  Last night my dreaming went way back into the past.  Ray and I got talking about candy.  Well….it was more me that was talking about candy that I loved in my childhood and him trying very hard to watch a movie that didn’t interest me at all.  But I digress.  😉

At groceries yesterday I bought a sweet treat, a Lindt dark chocolate bunny.  I believe that bunny is an acceptable treat and I have given Ray the job of divying it out to me because I can’t ration my own chocolate consumption.  But, you see, there was a time (most of my life) that I didn’t worry about how much I was eating of candy and treats.  Granted, that lack of awareness got me to over 260 pounds.  But again, I digress.  😉

Do you remember Runts?  Those little fruit flavoured, heavily shellaced powdered candy?  Banana (the best one!), green apple, I think there was peach and a little red one; cherry?  I used to eat those until my tongue just about bled.  That and Skittles.  Oh, Skittles, I used to buy you by the family-sized bag.

Bridge Mixture (sometimes called Grand Slam) with its “chocolate” covered mystery filling inside each one.  Caramel, turkish delight-style in red and green, a coconut one, a weirdly flavoured peach one, raisins and peanuts.  My sister and I used to walk about a kilometer to the grocery store near our house when we were teenagers.  I would buy it in bulk, fill up a large margarine container and hide it in my closet in my bedroom.  I remember thinking about that stupid container of chocolates obsessively when I was away at my dad’s for a weekend or even at school.

Nerds, Power Poppers, Gobstoppers, Dinosauer Eggs, Lik M Aid (later called Fun Dip).  And later when I was older and living on my own, the $3 Pot of Gold boxes and chocolate covered cherries.

It’s no wonder at this point in my life I have to let my spouse break up my Lindt bunny and give it to me in small pieces as a treat.  That frigging bunny doesn’t stand a chance if I’m in charge!

Any candy that you used to (or still) go crazy with?


3 thoughts on “Pretend…or…Flashback!

  1. Those little square caramels wrapped indiviudally in cellophane. Those were my all time FAVE. One time we were travelling and my aunt took to me to a penny candy store and gave me a five dollar bill. I spent the entire five on those caramels. Needless to say she was somewhat disappointed.

    Pretty sure I would easily turn those away today. The thought of them does nothing for me. Chocolate on the other hand… GOOD CHOCOLATE, now there’s something I might cross the floor for.

  2. I am mostly a chocoholic, so for me rolo’s & waaay back to charleston chews! (Frozen, of course)) These days… it’s not the bunnies but their delicate little eggs…. I allow myself a cadbury egg one time per year.

  3. My faves were probably Bridge Mixture… and you forgot that they used to have a mint one 😉 But my all time fave is ice cream… and we used to go across the street to the corner store and buy the little pints of Haagen Daaz… when they were under $5 including tax…
    I also liked Smarties… Now the idea of eating Smarties is seriously gross!

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