Oh, thank heavens that today is Friday!  This is going to be an incredibley long day though, yesterday was gorgeous and sunny (cold though!) and this morning it looks like it’s 4pm already and it’s not even morning coffee time yet!  Blech!
I was all energized yesterday until about 2:30pm, looking forward to our bicycle ride and then relaxing for the rest of the evening.  Unfortunately at 2:30 Ray texted me and told me he wasn’t going on a bicycle ride, that he didn’t feel like it.  Talk about wind out of my sails, I was so looking forward to that and the thought of going by myself (which was my original-original plan) was completely unappealing.  And so, we opened the garage door, got out our patio chairs and sat in the sunshine on the driveway and had a beer.  Not exactly the same thing but still enjoyable! 

While we were out there I started up my bike and realized how much I cannot wait for riding season!  Ignore the ridiculous outfit that I’m wearing in the photo below.  I put it on….and then realized I looked like a complete dork and went back in the bedroom to change…..until Ray told me to stop, “You look fine”, he said, “we’re sitting in the driveway, it doesn’t matter.  And besides, you look like a Canadian Girl.”. (reference the new Dean Brody song) LOL.

We have no real plans for this weekend and for that I’m grateful.  I haven’t fully committed to going to spinning on Saturday although if I don’t go to that then I won’t be exercising until at least Monday.  Not the end of the world but that can be a slippery slope.  If I don’t go spinning on Saturday morning I’ll make a point to go and run either in the trail on Sunday or on the treadmill.

Tonight we’re headed out for dinner with Ray’s mom.  He told her about my grain free last week and she was surprisingly supportive about it.  I don’t really need extraneous people to be overly supportive, as long as Ray is and I’m strong enough to do my own thing then I’m good.  But it’s nice to have people backing you up!  After dinner we’ll go to Costco and get our weekly staples and our current favourite treat; maple smoked salmon sticks.

Finally, I see that I have quite a few people following my blog, thank you very much for that!  I’m flattered!  If you’re not a blog follower but you come here regularly, leave me a comment so I can come and visit you as well!


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