You’ll Have To Speak Up!

I am tooooo old for fun.  Just kidding….sort of.  We went into Vancouver for our concert last night.  The train ride was alright, we got to chat uninteruppted, the walk up to the restaurant was nice, we got to see stores and parts of the city that we only ever see on the news (we don’t go To The Big City very often), the restaurant itself was fine, I was able to order grain free and there was wine and cheesecake and weird paintings of an oddly sexual goose.  The venue was beautiful, it’s all glass and white marble and deep purple plush carpets and chairs.  Really beautiful.  The concert itself?  SO LOUD!  It was 3 hours of excellent country music which was unfortunately offset by how frigging loud it was.  I am seriously too old for music that loud and girls that young dressed in clothes that small who scream tooooo much.  Last time we saw this guy perform it was outside and it was perfect.  Inside a huge marble ball, there is nowhere for the sound to go, it just reverberates around and around and the shrill, screaming, trashy girls get louder and louder.
I don’t have much else to say this morning……..I’m so tired, we didn’t get home until very late and my alarm goes off very early!  All the smoke from the concert has dried my contacts out and my ears are still ringing.  I’ll leave you with some pictures from the evening.  Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


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