Hi! It’s Saturday evening. I’m about to pour myself a glass of wine and watch a movie. This morning although I really didn’t want to, I went to spinning. It’s weird, exercise is, because there are some days when everything goes absolutely perfectly without you even knowing it and other days when it seems like what should be perfect ends up being a disaster.

This morning was one of those times when everything lined up perfectly….and then something inside of me broke. In a good way. Do you ever have those instances where, during exercise, something inside you is released? Whether it’s water retention or stress & tension or internal blockades or even some sort of barrier that you can’t quite put your finger on? That happened for me this morning. My headache broke, my cramps broke, my water retention broke and one of those small but so strong internal barriers broke down. I realized during one of the most difficult tracks, THIS is why I fuel like I do, THIS is why I practice as much as I do. THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE where I am physically and mentally and emotionally ready to leave absolutely everything behind and go to a new level. It all makes it worth it. 🙂

Last night’s chicken worked out really well, instead of sprinkling the seasoning on though, I did it Shake N Bake style. Some sauteed brussel sprouts too and dinner was served!







Tonight’s dinner is leftover chicken with a salad and tomorrow morning we’re going to a Valentine’s Day (pre) buffet…..where I am planning to eat quite a lot of bacon….and some fruit….maybe an omelette?

See you later!




1 thought on “Release

  1. For me, I always feel virtuous when I exercise. I know that sounds crazy but I feel like I am doing something just for myself, that is good for me, that I don’t really want to do but that I know I should and that no one can take away from me…it is all mine.

    Your dinner looks great – I always roast my brussel sprouts…I may have to try sauteing them…..

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