Friday is Here!

Yesterday morning I took chicken out of the freezer with no clue what I was going to turn it into. All day I was mentally going through the remnants of fresh ingredients that I would have to work with this close to the end of the week. Peppers. An onion. Some tomatoes.  What can I make with those that isn’t deadly boring to eat? I googled red pepper + chicken and found what I have now written into my cookbook in permanent ink! It was SO GOOD!

Mediterranean Chicken with Vinegar Roasted Peppers

You can go to her website for the recipe, it will be well worth your time! It’s quick, simple and fresh.  It uses normal ingredients to create something delicious and different. My only revision was not to serve it with any grain due to my grain-free-ness but I can see why rice or quinoa would be nice, the sauce is so good and deserves to be soaked up! I also probably wouldn’t make quite as much sauce for us since I did ed up just tossing it afterwards. The chicken was ridiculously tender, the veggies were cooked nicely but not too smooshy; they came out cooked but still crisp if that makes any sense. Very flavorful, definitely a permanent weeknight addition for us. And now, a picture.


I did not go to spinning last night, the Alien Baby took care of that. I actually have noticed a trend in my exercise schedule too, one week I work out 4-5 days and the next it’s 2, sometimes for a valid reason and sometimes not so much. Ah well, at least I have a system?

While so far everything that I’ve experienced with being grain free is great, one of the downfalls is that there are no lazy nights as far as dinner goes. It can’t just be frozen pizza chucked into the oven….which is good in most respects…..but for a tired, hard working woman, Friday night just isn’t the same when you’re having to think up, make and clean up a proper dinner. Suggestions, paleo-folk? I took chicken drumsticks out this morning and I’m thinking of trying another recipe I found online.  There are 12 drumsticks in the package so we could have leftover cold chicken with a salad Saturday night.  HERE is the recipe I think I’m going to do with the drums.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, looks fairly basic but flavourful. 

Costco after work tonight for apples, eggs, compost bags, squash and I’ll see if I can’t find something that works as a paleo friendly treat….maybe some good salami?  Or smoked salmon?

Fare well, the weekend is almost here!


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