Burned Digits

Nothing too exciting going on these days, today is my Day Ten so I’m a third of the way through my first 30 days of Grain Free (after 30 I’ll probably stop counting!). 
I thought I would share an article with you…………you see, I know and understand why I’m doing this, primarily because it makes me feel better.  Second, because it is directly related to the first one, because I believe the science behind it.  But I am not that great at explaining it so that other people understand.  However, I found someone who can!

Aside from the fact that she explains it consicely, it’s a well written article with good imagery and a few giggles.  (she also has one that busts the myths of Crossfit which I thought was quite well done also!)

And then, if you want to, you can take a look at the link below which is another really cool, simple and graphic way of understanding why a person would choose to eliminate grains.  I think if it’s too small on your screen you can click to enlarge it.
Last night I made my coconut breaded snapper, it turned out fairly well for a recipe I dreamt up in my head!  I just sprinkled coconut flour onto the flesh, patted it down, added a sprinkle of salt and then threw into hot coconut oil in a stainless steel frying pan and then sprinkled the other side with the flour also.  Seared (read: deep fried because I used a bit too much oil) the one side, flipped and then covered it with the lid and put into the oven at 375C for 12 minutes.  My fillet was quite thick though so if yours is thinner, moderate the time.  We had it with roasted bell peppers and pattypan squash.  Next time I would probably do it a bit different…..mix shredded unsweetened coconut and coconut flour together, dredge in egg and then coconut mix and then fry/bake.  The texture was a bit pasty/powdery last night so this would make more of a crispy batter style.
The delicious recipe wasn’t without injury though.  When I took my frying pan out of the oven, I did so with oven mitts….and then 30 seconds later proceeded to remove the lid with my bare hand. Burned my fingers.  After crying and getting my medic to apply ice to my fingers, I then grabbed the handle of said fry pan with my other hand and burned the palm of my hand.  More crying, more ice.  Lesson learned?  Probably not.
We watched the movie Australia last night all snuggled onto the sofa.  Tonight is a spinning night although the Alien Baby was dropped off this morning so that may not actually be possible.  We’ll see, I would really like to go and get my burn on!
Attached, one yummy Clam Salad.  It looks good and yet two out of two people polled in my office would not eat canned clams on salad.  It was delicious though!

4 thoughts on “Burned Digits

  1. Grain free is the way we all should be! It’s so delicious! And omg, for your clam salad… you should make clam sauce and pour it on those greens! I do that all the time(or put it on spaghetti squash), so DELICIOUS!!! Oh and I don’t use cream or butter of my clam sauce, just olive oil, garlic and white wine!

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