Pushing On

First, before I do anything, can you go over to 90in9 and say hi?  Tanya was gracious enough to publish an interview that she took with me and while the title (weight loss master) is definitely not what I feel like most days, I’m very grateful for her letting me ramble on about myself.  😉  Tanya has had a similar loss to mine (although she did hers with a husband and four kids!), quick and big and due to Weight Watchers and running.  To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her loss, she and her sister ran 90 miles in 9 days.  Impressive and to be honest I was completely jealous!  Anyway, my interview is HERE and her blog is on my “Read Daily” list. 

I’m happy to report this morning that since last Tuesday I am down 1.6 pounds.  I know that I didn’t put up my goal because I wanted to get a bit under (or off of) my belt first.  My goal was to lose a pound a week until May 1st.  I will revise that goal shortly because I realize now that it’s not only “weight” that has been plaguing me for months.  It’s been bloat and water retention from grains!  Today is Day 9 of being completely grain free and I feel like a million bucks.  I also look like I lost about 5 pounds instead of just under 2 but that, I believe, is the inflammation leaving my body!

I do have a few wrinkles in my grain-free road at this stage.  Last night I went to Express RPM and by the end I was a bit wasted, I realize that since carbs are energy and I stick to mostly veg that I wasn’t giving myself enough fuel.  So now I’ll eat an apple or a banana pre-workout for extra oomph.

My digestive system hasn’t quite completely adjusted either….fellow paleo/grain-free folks, have you had this problem….umm….irregularity?  Since I am eating tonnes of fruits and veggies I don’t think it’s a fibre issue, probably more to do with the increase in protein and fat.

Happily within this ‘program’, I have lost 1.6 pounds and it was fairly effortless.  OK, I realize you probably want to punch me in the face for saying that.  I know how hard weight loss is.  All I’m saying is that besides taking care not to include grain products in my diet, I have not counted, weighed or measured anything.  And it feels great!  Want pine nuts?  Throw ’em on.  Want avocado?  Slice it in there.  How much chicken?  Until you are satisfied.  Obviously I’m not going off the rails but it is nice not to have to keep track in my head of what I’m eating! 

Caveat to this though, I would say that if you do want to try going this route, beware because if you do it, higher fat and protein and no grains (only carbs being fruit/veg)…..and then you slip up or add carbs back?  You. Will. Gain. Weight. A higher protein/fat diet does not live well with a carb-centered diet.  It’s the perfect storm for weight gain. 

Tonight I’m going to jog my trail after work and then I’m going to make a new dinner.  I’m going to lightly bread a big fat snapper filet in coconut flour, sear it in coconut oil and then finish it in the oven topped with onion and tomato.  With some pattypan squash and some avocado?  Yum!


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