Realism. Or, “I don’t have time for this!”

In my effort to maintain a grain free diet, I’ve been reading all sorts of blogs and websites that are (I presume) real people who manage to pull this off on an ongoing basis.  As with anything else, I am finding that there are zealots in the paleo community; those who believe that unless you’re eating only grass fed, organic, free range, non medicated, tucked in at night with a kiss on the snout, beef, that you may as well be eating McDonalds for every meal.  To them, they have found the holy grail of good health and refuse to accept anything less than absolute caveman-perfection.   I’m happy for them (I’m not, I actually don’t care but it sounded good) but I can’t cram my life into that sort of perfection.
I just want to eat a healthy and colourful diet that doesn’t include grains.  That’s all.  And honestly, that’s all I have time for!  It already takes me a couple of hours each Sunday for weekday food prep plus all the standard cooking time during the week, I couldn’t imagine forcing myself to drive to a cattle ranch an hour from my house that is only open Tuesdays at 2pm just to buy special meat.  I understand that grass fed, organic, small facility beef is probably the ultimate goal…..but what if you don’t have that kind of time?  The roast that I bought at Costco isn’t good enough?  It’s good enough for me.  I’m also not going to make pemmiken, eat offal (the parts of the animal that most of us consider the guts), make my own coconut milk or raise my own chickens. 
Having said all that, I wonder if there is a place for people such as myself in the paleo community?  Or do the all-in, balls-t0-the-wall people scare off those looking to do something as simple (I’m not saying easy) as eliminating grains from their diet?  I wonder…………
Now, on to other things.  Apparantly there is a big sign over my head when I go out in public that in some way makes people believe that I am open to comments or suggestions about things that are none of their business.  I often wish that I was enough of a bitch or quick enough on the draw to return the ‘gesture’ with my own comments.  In the grocery line on Sunday a lovely old gramma, about 60-ish years old was behind me in line.  I was alone in the grocery store so I guess she figured I was fair game for a chat.  On my grocery belt was the following:
organic bananas
organic red kale
6 avacados
a box of frozen berries
a box of 100% fruit juice popsicles
a bag of organic unsweetened coconut
a dozen eggs
a red onion
four vine tomatos
a bag of bell peppers
four organic yellow onions
two cans of coconut milk
a jar of almond butter
2lbs of fresh snapper
a container of mixed greens
two zucchinis
a container of 100% OJ and a bag of cookies for my sick hubby
The gramma in line behind me took the opportunity to inform me that avacados have a lot of fat in them and that I should really be careful and watch how many of them I’m eating.  WTH?  Are you kidding me?  I wasn’t quick enough on the draw and all I said is “Yes, I’m aware” (which, Tara tells me probably got my overall feeling through loud and clear) and then turned around and played with my phone.  And now, a photo of my grocery belt.  Does it not look like maybe I’ve got the whole healthy-eating thing down and do NOT need nutrition advice from strangers?  Gah!

9 thoughts on “Realism. Or, “I don’t have time for this!”

  1. Nice groceries! She probably just felt guilty because she had a bunch of crap in her cart! … BTW, is that pic you sent me taken at that pub you like? Seems like I’ve seen you mention that in some previous post, but now I can’t find it….

    • Hi Tanya,

      Ya, I really wish I would have waited after I’d paid and then given her a commentary on the stuff on her portion of the belt! But then I guess that’s just mean spirited. She was “just trying to help” after all.

      Yep, the picture I sent you is at our favourite pub.

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  3. Hey Girl, I’m right there with you on the paleo thoughts. I’m not “balls-to-the-wall” paleo but I’m doing great not eating grains, sugars and extremely limited dairy. I linked to this post in my latest post I published today. You go girl and do your thang! Don’t worry about the haters… Cause haters gonna hate! 😉

  4. Just found your blog through HTP! My husband and I recently became paleo eaters, but I’m with you….we’re not 100%. I’m good about not eating grains and dairy, but sometimes a little chocolate sneaks in. Robb Wolf’s book says if you follow it 85%, you’ll reap 85% of the benefits. Unless you’re struggling with an auto-immune disorder, there’s no reason that isn’t good enough.

    I probably would have made a snarky remark to Grandma. I have some opinionated friends and I just want to tell them that i don’t criticize their cake…leave my salad alone!

  5. See, I have a snarky streak… so I might have have told her it’s OK, because you only use it to dip your cookies in while doing coconut milk shooters. This made me smile- thanks for sharing.

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