Best Laid Plans

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I had the best laid plans last night for some relaxed exercise, a delicious dinner and some general lazing about. Oh, how wrong it would all go.

First of all, I got stuck in a traffic jam from hell so by the time I even got to the grocery store it was dusk outside and the sunshine and mild breeze of earlier in the day had morphed into dreary, dark, gusty and cold. Nope, not walk/jogging outside. After the grocery store (where I spent a LOT on groceries for a mid week top up), I got home, changed clothes and got to cooking my exciting new recipe.

Braised Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas. How wrong could that be? It had sauteed onions, garlic, fresh ginger, sun dried tomato, lemon zest, chickpeas, loads of spinach and coconut milk…then some lemon juice, salt and more dried ginger. I threw two sweet potatoes into the oven to bake while the stew was being assembled. It smelled SO GOOD. I calculated the calories, cut up the sweet potato and dished out the stew to myself. And…..there is some combination of flavours in it that makes it taste……plastic-y. Manufactured? Processed? Fake? Whatever, I couldn’t eat it. I do not know where I went wrong?! It was all fresh ingredients, nothing preserved or processed or chemically. So what happened? I’m not sure. Perhaps I was pinning too much hope on it being my new comfort food when I’m home alone? Either or, I won’t be making it again. And it’s so WEIRD because all the comments where I found the recipe RAVED abut how good it was. I mean, truly, what’s not to like?  I would like to think I did something wrong but it’s a pretty basic recipe….chop, chop, saute, simmer, chop, add, simmer, stir.  Pretty basic!

So, since this was my big mid week plan, I have it for lunch today anyway….and I’m realy hoping that a night in the fridge and then a reheat will do something to it to make it more palatable for me. I’ll see if I can convince Tara to have a wee taste and see what she thinks.

So… exercise, no delicious dinner, sick boyfriend and crappy book I’m in the middle of reading.  Thanks Wednesday, you sort of sucked bobo!  Tonight I have proper RPM with a favorite instructor.  I think maaaaaybe Ray will be on dayshift on Friday which would be great, we haven’t had a Friday night dinner together just the two of us in months.  Ray has a standing date with his mom on Friday nights and it precludes Friday Date Night 100% of the time….unless SHE is busy in which case we get it to ourselves.  If we’re busy?  Well….we never are busy on Friday at dinner time because it’s not worth the hassle and the guilt from a 73 year old lady.  😉  Fortunately, she is busy this Friday so maybe it is in the cards to spend Friday night chilling together.  If not and Ray is working, I plan to chill on the sofa with Captain Jack Sparrow.



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