Wimped Out

My sister told me the other day that I should plan in rest days/weeks instead of stuffing my schedule with workout days and then occassionally “wimping out” and feelng guilty about it.  I can see where she’s coming from but to me that just means that since I already have rest days booked off the gym days become non-negotioable.  Looks good in theory but in practice it doesn’t really work for me.  That said, I’m taking a Wimp Out Day today.  It’s a day that wasn’t really on the original schedule to beging with, I just thought I would throw in the extra gym day since Ray is on afternoon shift and I have my time to myself anyway.  But in the last month this would be the only days where Ray is on afternoon shift and I coul dstay home the whole evening alone.  As someone who values my alone time almost as much as my couples time, one day in a month means I would like to take advantage of the free night.  Plus, I really hate the class that’s on at the gym tonight, it’s All Terrain (which I mentioned a couple of posts back) and while it can be hard enough to get yourself geared up for classes that you like/love, it is next to frigging impossible to get yourself geared up for something you really dislike!

Instead my plan is to go home after work with a stop at the grocery store.  Then I’m going to put my runners on and go for a quick jog around my neighborhood.  No distance or time requirements, just an outdoor jog.  And then I’ll come home and do my (at the moment) very short ab routine and that’ll be the end of it.  (jog weather dependant!)

In celebration of my free evening, I’m making myself a Selfish Dinner tonight.  (Selfish Dinner is anything that I know Ray would not like or eat).  I’m making Braised Coconut Spinach and Chickpeas with Lemon and serving it over a baked sweet potato.  It only takes about 20 minutes to make, has only whole and healthy ingredients and contains several of my favourite foods.  Can’t wait.  If it turns out, I’ll post the recipe with the original link and a photo.

In other news, I think my honey has the flu, he’s achy and sweaty and shivery and his head hurts.  I’d say he has the man-flu but we’re going into our 5th year together and not once has he ever done “man-flu” before so I have to assume he’s really not feeling well.  Plus, when he woke up this morning and hugged me, his skin was on fire.  That’s not normal.  He has a job that he cannot call in sick to so if he really is ill then we’re in for it, recovery takes so much longer when you can’t stay home and rest!

Finally, how about a poll?  I’m curious how many people have read this book and if anyone, I’m interested in having a blog-discussion about it.






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