I’m Trapped In A Sock

I feel like it’s been nighttime all day long. It never got bright here, just dark and dismal and rainy. Lots of times when it’s rainy it’s still sort of bright and daylight outside. Not today, I feel like I’ve spent the whole day in a sock…all I can see is dim and all I can hear is pouring rain. My outfit didn’t quite hit the mark either this morning (good intention, bad execution) so I have felt frumpy and untucked all the gloomy day. It’s a sad statement when Monday was a better day than Tuesday. I mean…Monday?! Really?

Fortunately I have nothing much to do this evening or I might be working pretty hard at convincing myself not to bother. I’m off to go and get my tattoo touched up, just one little spot, it’ll probably take me longer to drive there than it will to get it done. I’m going to show him the idea for the other side that I want done in the fall too. 🙂 I’m waiting for dinner until I get home from that, put my pajamas on and have a big omelette while watching television…Tuesday is TV night, Biggest Loser…I like to cheer for the contestants that are actually putting in the effort. I like to notice the ones that all of a sudden ‘get it’ and….I yell at the ones that make excuses or pussyfoot around or half ass it. Sure, there are parts of Biggest Loser that are a bit questionable and the crying and whining grates on my nerves. But there are some solid people in there who are there to do the work and reap the results and I like to watch. I sort of feel like I’m watching myself 5 years ago. It also reminds me how quickly you can let things slide, an injury, stress, job or relationship change, and I feel even more motivated and inspired to push myself to where I want to be.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow it’s not a sock outside, that would be nice.


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