Sunday Evening

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting here trying to stay nice and relaxed before I head to bed….the past few nights my sleep has been riddled with nightmares, strange dreams and ‘experiences’ that I swear I’ve had only they were just dreams. It’s not exactly restful!

Today I got to sleep in for awhile and then got going. We did a grocery shop and then I took my honey on an afternoon date. I got a groupon for a pub that we love (where we had our first date, actually) and we decided to go for a drink and appy in the afternoon. Happily, the appies were delicious and the beers were even more so! Granville Island Winter Ale…..goes down much too easily. I was happy to sit and stare out the window with my beer while Ray watched football on the big screen. It was a very nice date and one we shall definitely do again.

The appies and beers were very enjoyable, made moreso by remembering that treatsy afternoons like this are part of the reason why I work hard and watch what I eat during the week.

On a less than wonderful pub note….it was a bit busy in there today and we didn’t have our pick of tables. We got seated at table and chairs that were directly behind another set of table and chairs. Unfortunately the woman that was sitting at the table behind us was sitting about a foot and a half away from the table and once I got seated, she smashed her chair back even further and I was smooshed up against the table. Not a problem….until I wanted to get up. I tried to move my chair back….no go. I excused myself to her (she was sitting 6″ from my head)…no go. I then stood up with the force of my leg muscles and jammed my chair back about 2″. Just enough to squeeze myself out. And Ray told me later that she totally dirty looked the back of me and then jammed her chair back even further so that he had to move our table so that I could get seated again. And do you know why I believe she behaved that way? She had……significant girth…..and having been a person of significant girth in my past life, I completely understand the panic/claustrophobia associated with perhaps not being able to squeeze yourself in or out of your seat. There’s that need to maintain that extra amount of “grace space” so that you can feel comfortable. I understand. But do you have to be a giant bitch wad about it? Especially since once I was seated, I was fine with her taking up the extra space. But when your seat neighbor needs to move….you MOVE!

My final note for the weekend….I will not be making the cinnamon swirl bread again anytime soon. I can’t stay out of it. And while it’s made of good things and it’s decently low in calories, if you eat the whole thing, that’s still bingeing. Plus? Oats are naturally….umm….costive….which isn’t a great side effect of eating too much cake. Sooo delicious though.

I give you a couple pictures from our date day today. Happy Sunday Evening.




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