Day Off

I wish you could smell the inside of my house right now, it smells like cinnamon buns…only what I made has no gluten, no dairy and no added fat…..but it’s moist and sweet and delicious, high in protein, too! One 2″ square is around 100 calories of moist, cakey goodness. Recipe is from Jamie Eason, the world’s fittest model…not that it should matter what she looks like, but if she’s eating it and her livliehood is fitness and health then I think it’s alright for me. (I made it gluten free using simple ingredients you already have at home…..nothing fancy….I will post the recipe later.)

Friday morning I was supposed to get up at 5am and get myself to the gym for spinning. I figured that since I had the day off it would be nice to go to a class that I don’t normally get to attend. Obviously that’s a better idea when it’s not 5am and snowing. I went back to bed and tried to claim snow-day as an acceptable excuse not to go……but Ray decided that he would get up early and drive me to the gym. Ummmm…..thanks? 😉

I was glad that I went, I worked hard and it was a nice start to a day where the theme was self care. I was also very glad that at the end of that class i would get 2 days off from the gym since I went Monday night, Wednesday and Thursday night and then Friday morning. 4 days in 5 is plenty!

After the gym I came home and sat around for awhile until it was time to go to my dotor’s appt. Not an ideal day off task but still in keeping with the theme. The appt was over in 20 minutes and I was on my way to a much better appt, my premium pedicure. I felt like an idiot traipsing around in the snow and slush in full winter coat and hat and scarf and gloves…….and flip flops! I had the regular pedi and then added in a paraffin wax treatment that was heaven. Pretty toes again but it’s too miserable now to take my slippers off anyway. *sigh

Last night was fairly dull, Ray went for dinner with his mom and son, I chose to stay home and make myself a spinach and mushroom omelette. We had a couple of drinks and then attempted to watch a movie. Ray saw 5 minutes of it and I saw slightly more….and then the closing credits. Ah well, they can’t all be exciting.

Breakfast was with some friends this morning, then some errands and now Ray is watching hockey and I am blogging, reading, snoozing and generally lazing about. Ray is making dinner tonight, spaghetti and meat sauce…..instead of the noodles for me, I’m roasting some acorn squash and steaming some spinach and will put my sauce over that as a grain free alternative…I’m kind of looking forward to it.

I leave you with a couple of pictures…the cinnamon swirl bread and my pretty pedi.




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