Good Morning, it’s the crack of dawn and the snow fall warning that precipitated me getting up 30 minutes earlier to shovel myself out didn’t come to pass.
I went to spinning last night, it was an express class…what I prefer to call The Spinning Express Train to Vomitsville.  It’s pretty much an hour long class crammed into half an hour….and do you know how they do that?  They remove the two recovery songs!  So you pretty much just kill yourself for the full 30.  I loved it.  I also thought it was hilarious that there were a few people in there who were very obviously new to the bikes and the class but for whatever reason they were totally cocky and lipping off the instructor when she tried to help them set their bikes up.  The hilarious part is, not one of them made it through the whole class.  One woman made it less than half the first song (I felt bad for her, actually) and two of the guys and one other girl didn’t make it to the halfway point of the class.  I think they probably thought because it’s only 30 minutes that it was more like an “Intro” to spinning rather than a condensed express version. 
The gym was packed last night….a combination of snowy outdoor weather and the fact that my class started at 6:45 and there was a yoga class ending at 7 and one starting at 7 and same for the Group Ex room, one ending and one starting at 7 so there were people everywhere!  Not a great scene when you’re already a little on edge.
I’m definitely feeling better about myself this morning than I was yesterday morning, there is something about making a plan and then sticking with it, powering through it when it’s difficult but still possible.  It gives me a sense of self respect and accomplishment when I can power through.  Tonight is my only non exercise day of this week, I’m testing out a different type of spinning class tomorrow, regular RPM on Thursday and then on my day off on Friday I’m doing the 6am RPM.  Then on Saturday and Sunday I’m doing nothing.  I figured that since I have to be up early for a doctor’s appt on my day off anyway, I may as well get up a little earlier, get some exercise and then I don’t have to worry about it on the weekend.  Anyway, we’re having toasted tomato sandwiches and a fresh, green salad with strawberries, pine nuts and goat cheese for dinner tonight and then I believe we are having TV night.  Really looking forward to that!

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