DeVictimize Yourself

Guess where I was at 6:30pm last night?  Yep, spinning.  And it was the best workout I’ve had since December 24th.  Granted it’s only the second workout I’ve had since December 24th but that’s irrelevant.  😉
I go again tomorrow morning as per normal.  I feel a little like I’ve been stuck in some mud and I’ve managed to rock my little wagon back and forth enough that I’m free and chugging along again.  I don’t believe that I had ever fallen off my wagon, I was just sitting on it while it sat parked.  Now we’re steaming ahead again.  I’m down 2 of my 4 holiday pounds so I’m nearly back to where I was prior to my birthday on December 18th.  I hope by the end of January I can be at least 1 pound below that number.  That would make me happy.  That’s three pounds to lose in two and a half weeks.  I’ll aim for that (and I’m not weighing myself again until Jan 31).
I got a short little comment overnight and it really summed up everything that I was trying to say yesterday (including the parts I typed out and then deleted and then typed out again and deleted again).  “It’s great that you are pushing through and taking a real masters approach to life rather than acting like a victim.” I don’t know about the master’s approach to life part since I really just do the best I can as often as I can…..but it’s the victim part that really struck me.  My absolute loathing of the victim mentality, the inability to coddle or coach people who act like victims, annoyance towards people who use the same reasons and explanations that we all have (busy, tired, stressed etc) and expect that they are unique and deserve special consideration.  This comment made me realize that a lot of what I do and circumstances that I push through when others maybe wouldn’t and days when I choose a harder path than I have to, it’s because I want to be heading in the opposite direction of ‘the victim’.   I also firmly believe in the quote, “No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned.” by Jean Paul (not sure who that is).  I want to feel like I deserve my sofa time or my sleep-in or my cupcake.  I want to feel like I earned a glass of wine with my feet up or an afternoon snooze.  I know that my sister has alluded to this issue in a post or two on her blog.  We have a commonality as far as people in our lives who always act like a victim, who always want other people to be taking care of them, who are so insistant upon this that they drive away genuine caring attention because it’s never enough.  Anyway, enough about that.  Thanks for the comment, Anthony Magro, I appreciated it!
Tonight we’re going out for dinner with Ray’s mom and then Ray and I will go to Chapter’s to pick up my new book (VERY excited to start this one), Costco for some staple items, the liquor store for the staple items that aren’t available at Costco ( 😉 ) and then home.  Tomorrow I spin at 8:30am.  It’s supposed to snow this weekend and since we have no significant plans I’m thinking a long snowy winter walk through the park near our home on Sunday and then a warm up with a nice spiked hot chocolate when we get home.
Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “DeVictimize Yourself

  1. Yeah! Glad you’ve rocked the wagon out of the muck!

    The quote by Jean Paul is brilliant. It’s so true. The sofa or cupcake or glass(es) of wine never feel or taste so good as when you’ve worked for it and earned it. Love it.

    Full steam ahead!

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