You’d think I would learn, after several years of this healthy living, weight loss/maintenance, fitness planning thing, that I would KNOW that I should not assess, change or tweak my current plan during that time of the month.  I used to even have a term for it, I used to call it Fourth Week Syndrome; the bloaty lack of motivation feeling that everything is all of a sudden spinning wildly out of control.  This month it’s worse though because my gym attendance has been sketchy since the C’mas break and then I got clobbered at work last Friday and have felt all off kilter and unbalanced.  I’ve only been to the gym once this month.  ONE TIME.  It’s the 11th of January already.  I’m only mildly concerned about it, if I stick to my plan I’ll log 12 hours in the gym this month which is nothing to shake a stick at and near enough to my goal that I can feel good about it.  (I revised my NY goal, instead of 20 hours/month of exercise I changed it to a range of 15-20 hours since upon review I will fail nearly every month at getting 20).
I’m sure I’ve been boring the tar out of my handful of readers since I’ve been moaning on about something which I have not been able to expound upon.  So….let’s change the subject!
……………………..uh…………………………..well………………………..I……………….have nothing.  I’m not sure what to talk about, I’ve been somewhat consumed these past few days so there’s not a lot else going on in my head.  I’m going to write a testimonial for my tattoo artist this evening for his website.  I should have done it awhile ago but I kept forgetting. 
This run of graveyard shift is just about over, only two more nights that I have to sleep alone.  Normally I only have difficulty adjusting the first couple of nights and then I’m good to go, I’m a good sleeper.  Last week I was almost adjusted and then of course I got clobbered at work and then I got my Alien Baby (TOM) so I haven’t been sleeping well at all.  In an effort to make myself extra sleepy before bed I’ve been reading….the only trouble is that the books I’ve been reading are too interesting and I end up staying up much later than I should be.  I’ve had a 9pm bedtime since I was 12 and this past week I’ve been up well past 10pm which is really screwing with my routine.  I read The Glass House by Jeanette Wells earlier this week and now I’m just finishing up Room by Emma Donoghue.  Both are very unique stories, engaging and very well written.  I’m hoping today that my new book will be in at Chapters because I’m almost done Room and I’m quite excited about the new book.  It’s called Cycling Home From Siberia and the title pretty much gives away the plot.  It’s the true story of one guy and one bicycle, 30,000 miles and 3 years.  The reviews on Goodreads are mixed, ranging from “Best book I’ve ever read” to one girl who wrote that she wishes she could punch the author and steal his trip because he had an incredible opportunity to detail an amazing trip and according to her he missed the mark.  I’m looking forward to forming my own opinion on that one….but I have to get it first!
Do you have any books that you are loving right now?  I’m more interested these days in a good story rather than a crime drama/mystery and since I’m a fairly voracious reader, I’m always on the hunt for new books.  Suggestions??


1 thought on “Escapeism

  1. I’m almost done reading, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. It’s very unique and I am in love with it so far. I will lend to you once I’m done!

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