I Hereby Resolute

Yesterday afternoon I did my little ceremony of burning 2011, burying the ashes and then watering them. I decided to spice it up a little too and while we were watching all the bad parts of our last year burn, we did a whiskey shot. It can only help, right? 😉

We went out for a dinner last night to our favorite restaurant with the two couples who invited themselves along…..and all I can say about that is that increased age does not bring with it automatic social acceptability. Discussing hookers at a beautiful dinner in a loud voice is really not acceptable and after 10 minutes I very firmly changed the conversation. Come on, people. There are also certain people who will bitch about everything and anything and they don’t seem to care whose feelings they hurt. I figure anytime you are in an establishment that is a small business where the owners are serving you, smile and keep your trap shut unless there is something truly wrong. These people put their whole lives into their business and snotty or rude comments are hurtful…..to them and the people who love them.

Anyway, after dinner we went to a different group of friend’s house for drinks and appies. Fun times….and in a lull after the big moment of midnight, I started thinking about the things I would like to do this coming year to improve myself and my relationship. I don’t like to make resolutions because I would rather assess and reassess as the year goes on in order to ensure that what I’m setting out to do actually works for my life at that time. But there are some things that should work no matter what. So here’s my list by category. Some of them are things that I already do and want to keep doing and some are new.

§ take vitamins & liquid iron every day
§ get 20 hours of exercise per month (minimum)
§ stretch daily (this one is going to be a challenge, I really hate it but I really need it)
§ limit sodium and refined sugar
§ continue to eliminate processed foods and increase fr/veg/pro/happy fat
§ attend or devise a core/abs routine

§ get a haircut every 6 weeks
§ use body moisturizer daily
§ eliminate/reduce fragrance (unscented products for home & body)

§ count to 10 and 3 deep breaths before texting/responding
§ express gratitude regularly
§ nurture before nagging

§ need or want?

§ sit back and listen
§ try to replace “Why me?” with “How can I make this work?”
§ smile

I think this is it. It’s a longish list but since none of it is a dramatic overhaul change from what I do now, but more a refining of current behaviors, I should have a good success rate, I think.

I have a chart in mind for keeping track of my 20 hours of exercise and my stretching, I’ll put it together and show it in a future post. I’m off the gym until January 7 (that’ll be 13 days I haven’t exercised!) and then back to it. Between now and January 7th I’ll figure out my exercise plan for the next couple of months and get it posted to the fridge.

Happy New Year! Let’s make it a good one!




2 thoughts on “I Hereby Resolute

  1. OK,

    I really like the idea of burning your list from the year before in a ceremony and the whiskey was a nice touch. One of my resolutions is to read more blogs and actually develop relationships online with fellow Blogo’s. Great writing and as for your stretching goal I found Yoga Journal podcast on Itunes that has free Yoga videos that help keep me bendy.

    Good luck in 2012!

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