Hurt Me, Good!

Have you seen the picture of my new body art?  It’s in the post before this one.  Do you love it? I am in LOVE with it.  I can’t stop staring at it….which is difficult since it means that my shirt is over my head a lot.

It went both better than I thought and worse.  You see, I get waxed and that hurts.  Getting your most sensitive girl-bits waxed hurts like a son-of-a.  Sometimes when I’m driving home and I know it’s a wax day, I get a little nervous about it because some times of the month hurt a lot more than others.  But I also know, having done it every 6 weeks for a very long time, which parts hurt more, how much they hurt/what kind of pain and how long it’s going to take.

Going to get my tattoo, all I had in the ‘what’s this going to feel like’ section of my brain was a blank spot.  No clue.

Leaving work yesterday I was surprised that I had very little anxiety about it and even pulling into Andrew’s driveway I wasn’t that worried about it.  He asked me if I wanted to back out a couple of times before he started because where I chose to put it is a very painful spot to be tattooed.  I told him I’m a tough girl and that it would be fine (he admitted later that he didn’t believe me at all!).  And then a mutual friend of ours stopped by also and was unconvinced that I was going to be fine once we got going.

Up onto the table, he had a nice fluffy pillow for my head and a cozy blanket for my legs.  As he started up the device (what’s that thing called, anyway?) I started to get very nervous.  VERY. NERVOUS.  He started at the bottom and the first 5 minutes were a breeze.  It was a bit weirdly scratchy feeling but that was about it.  And then he rolled me forward a bit and started on the long sweeping curls that are the bottom of the design.  Holy F!  Those long sweeping lines are a bitch!

The bottom of the flourish and the bottom line of text were the most difficult because of how the hip sits high and then you get the valley of the tummy and then the ribs rise up again.  That bottom swirl and bottom line took over an hour to do since he had to go so slowly because there is very little there to brace his action-hand against.  Once the bottom line was done I got to take a look, have a drink and get back to it.  The next hour I was in and out of a weird bit of a trance.  I tried to breath out on the tattoo stroke and melt myself into the table.  That seemed to help for about an hour. It’s weird because I know that I was in discomfort/pain the entire time but it was completely bearable and I would totally do again. I think Tara is the one who told me that you get sort of trance-y during the tattoo process.

The top line of text and the top flourishes were the. most. painful. part.  It felt like he was slicing my skin with a razor blade.  Besides the fact that it was on only ribs, the endorphins had worn off, I was getting tired and let’s be honest, it fucking hurts.

The end result though?  Worth it to the millionth degree.  I love it.  LOVE!  He tells me that he’ll need to to a couple of touchups once it’s healed and there’s a little tiny spot that I would like fixed but overall it’s amazing.  Stupidly perhaps, I am already planning the one that I want now on the other side of my body.  hahaha

In the three hours that it took (including the break and the cleaning/dressing) I only squeaked twice.  He kept commenting that I was handling it so much better than he ever would have thought.  First tattoo….big tattoo….and in a very ouchie spot.  I TOLD you I was tough!  LOL!  In fact instead of doing the entire outline first, he did each line outlined and then filled it in so that when he got to the top it was totally done.  He said normally he would do the whole outline so that if it was too much, I could leave and come back for the fill later.  I’m glad he did it the way he did.  Plus, the fill feels a lot different than the outline so it’s a bit of a break as far as stimuli goes when he switches between the two.

Anyway, I’m super thrilled with it, I’ll be even more thrilled when it doesn’t hurt and I can wear a bra again…..he went much bigger than I planned, goes above my bra band and below my panty line.  Getting dressed was challanging today.

In other news………….well…………..there is no other news.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a ritual burning of everything bad that happened this year (go to Tara’s blog, I poached the idea from her).

I’ve also loosened up the reins considerably for these last couple days of the year.  Since I worked hard before Christmas and during that holiday, I’m taking it easier these few days.  Besides that I can’t exercise for a few days because of the new body art, I’m also not worrying really about what I’m eating (lethal combo, right?).  I’m not going off the rails and I’m still drinking lots of water but I’m enjoying myself too.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner to the pub of our first date in order to celebrate our 4 year anniversary (when you’re not married and you just sort of drifted into living together, I don’t know what other anniversary to pick besides the anniversary of your first date).  Tomorrow night is NY Eve, of course, and we’ll be having a gorgeous dinner at our favourite restaurant and then going to friends for drinks/appies.  And we’ve been planning chinese food for NY Day for two months now.

I have some other things to write about in the next couple of days……….my opinion/review of the book Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi being one of them.  Some other random things also.  But it’ll all have to wait because I’m going to top up my hug-ometer (you know that to be healthy you are supposed to get 8/day?) and then change into a different version of t-shirt and yoga pants and go for dinner.




1 thought on “Hurt Me, Good!

  1. I couldn’t remember if I told you I go into a trance when I’m getting tattooed – when I first read that you did I was thinking, YES! THE TRANCE! It gets hard to stay in the trance near the end because you do get tired and irritated. And that’s when you just want it to be over!

    Glad you’re loving it. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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