Christmas Eve

Not a very original blog post title, I know. But you really only get to use it once a year, so what the hell, right?

Last night was one of those circumstances that I mentioned awhile back, where I put on my happy face and go and be a nice person and hang out with Ray’s ex wife. Since Ray’s daughter is away for Christmas, she decided that we would do Christmas early. This is the first year that I was invited/allowed to attend so I guess after 4 years we’re finally making some progress. 😉

It was a nice evening, it’s always good for Ray to get to socialize with his adult kids and since it’s difficult to arrange things sometimes, Christmas is a great excuse. And if I have to suck up seeing/socializing with Judy every once in a while, then I do. It was alright, we gave each other a Merry Christmas hug and she agreed to let us take George overnight soon. As I’ve said before, she’s not a bad person, it’s more what goes on in my relationship after the fact that can be troublesome. But it wasn’t this time, so success.

This morning I slept in a little and then Ray woke me up and we made smoothies for breakfast. And then? I went to the gym and rode an hour long spinning class. The instructor made cinnamon swirl bread off of and left the container open at the front so that we could smell it through the whole ride! She kept waving it around and then making us crank up the resistance and drive hard for the reward at the end. It was delicious. Flour-less, no dairy, no sugar and it was moist and cakey and insanely flavorful. And? Low calorie, high protein. One square was 60 cal and 1g of fat and 5g protein. And the size of the square was reasonable, about 4 good bites. I’ll make them in January with a wee modification and post it.

We’re going to Ray’s mom’s for dinner tonight, full turkey dinner and French meat pie (tourtière). And then we’re going to watch a movie (A Christmas Carol w/ Jim Carrey) until its time to go to midnight mass. I’m not Catholic but she is (so’s Ray) and she hasn’t been to midnight mass in 10 years, not since Ray’s dad died. She asked us to go with her this year and so we are. I’m concerned about remaining awake until the time we have to go since I’m currently blogging instead of napping.

Tomorrow morning Ray’s son is coming over for breakfast and later in the day we’re going to my mom’s for dinner. And I think that next year Ray and I are going to host the whole thing at our house. Cmas Eve, Cmas morning and Cmas dinner. And I think I might see if it’ll work out to have my dad come down for a couple of days and spend it with us. We’ll see…’s all very hypothetical at the moment.

Anyway, if anyone is actually reading this, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Love, Me & mine.


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