If You Can, Do!

I just learned something that I thought I knew. Turns out I didn’t know it quite as well as I thought.

If you can do it today, do, because you never know what’s coming tomorrow.

In today’s case it’s not as serious as it might seem, but here’s what’s happened. Monday I debated going for a jog…..waffled until it started raining and then sat around all day instead. Fine, it was a scheduled rest day. Yesterday for my last 6am spinning class, my alarm went off and I couldn’t have gotten out of bed if it’d been on fire. It’s not like I’m an early morning rookie either, I know the difference between “OK, get your ass in gear” and “It’s not happening this morning.” and yesterday morning was one of those days that I knew I was going to be listening to my body and getting a bit more birthday-weekend-recovery sleep.

And that brings us to tonight. I changed into gym clothes immediately upon arriving home, packed my gym bag and was set to go. And go, I did. I got there and set up my bike and pedaled a warmup for awhile. A long while. Longer than normal it seemed…..and then I looked at the clock and realized that it was just me and another girl in there, no instructor. Aaalll the way back up to the front desk where we find out that they are canceling the class because the girl who was supposed to teach it found a replacement who found a replacement who didn’t show up. And because I go in just my flip flops and my cycling shoes, there is nothing that I can do but go home.

So now I’m sitting on the sofa, annoyed that I didn’t get to run any of the errands I have on my list because I thought I was going spinning. And I didn’t get to exercise at all yet this week which is part my fault and part not. So ultimately I wasted Monday’s daylight by not jogging, I wasted Tuesday’s morning exercise because I chose to sleep instead and my good intention tonight came up too little too late.

Tomorrow there are two classes….5:15 and 6:30. I have my gym bag still packed from tonight so I think I will either run down to the mall right after work and then eat a power bar and go spinning or I may spin first and mall second. I’m not sure yet but my original exercise plan for the holidays is fast getting away from me and I don’t like it!

Fortunately for me, Ray works until around 9 pm tomorrow night so I have enough time to do what I need to do before he gets home…..but it’s definitely not turning out how I had planned! I had other things planned for tomorrow evening and now I’m going to have to

switch it up in order to feel a little better about myself.

In other news I went to see my tattoo artist yesterday and finalize the design…um…..it’s big…..and its going to hurt like a bugger! I’m not going to put up the picture of the design sketch because without some explaining it isn’t going to look like much. But Tara and my sister have both seen it and they seemed to think it was alright. I’m pretty nervous about it, I have no frame of reference for what it’s going to feel like or what the pain is going to be like. I’m a tough girl, I know I can handle it, I just wish I had a bit of a heads up. Oh well…..since that’s not going to happen, I guess I’m in for a surprise! I’ll post a picture of it here when it’s on me and when it’s not all red and angry looking….which it will be for awhile I think….since I’m a redhead and all. 😉

This is my second post from my iPad and I’m getting better at typing properly on the keyboard when there are no keys to feel….makes proof reading that much more important!

I’m off to bed. Since I didn’t spin, I don’t have to sit up until I stop sweating before I can go to bed!

More later…………….


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