Bonus Day

It’s the day after my 33rd birthday and I’m exhausted. LOL! In all seriousness, I had an amazing weekend filled with friends and family and good wishes and lots of birthday cheer, in the form of food and drinks.

When I finally bounced around on the bed enough to wake Ray up yesterday morning we got ready, enjoyed some decent hotel room coffee and then headed out. Moments after getting in the car I realized that the lack of food/puking combo was going to be imminent so we stopped at a little bakery in Sapperton and had a fresh raspberry scone, still warm from the oven! We did a little errand on the way to the restaurant and then met my family for breakfast. A strawberry Belgian waffle and scrambled eggs for me and I was just about ready for bed right there!

My sister and her friends stopped by after breakfast and my sister and I did our gift exchange together. The things she got me were very unique and I loved them all!

After they left we popped down to give a birthday card to Ray’s ex father in law who was turning 75 this weekend. We were only there for about 15 minutes and it was my suggestion to go so all was well…..and in bed last night as we were going to sleep, Ray gave me an extra kiss and thanked me for letting us go, so that was nice!

After we dropped the card off we headed over to the mall to pick up my Christmas/birthday present from everyone…..B’day money was accumulated and so today I am writing this blog post on my new iPad2. And I love it!!

I’m about to go and put a large ham in the oven for this week and then I’m going to go for either a jog or a nap. The jog would be nice since its daylight out and not raining….but I’ve already filled up my workout calendar heavy on the spinning for these coming days and this was a scheduled day of rest so I’m not sure what to do. I’m home all evening by myself since Ray’s at work so I think I should probably jog now and laze about this evening.

Tomorrow is my last 6am Tuesday spinning class and then my shift change arrangement reverts back to normal so I’m definitely going to be at the gym tomorrow morning. Tomorrow after work I have an appointment with my tattoo artist to review and finalize the design. I’m excited to see what he’s come up with!

Jog or nap…..the debate rages on…….


2 thoughts on “Bonus Day

  1. I am so glad you liked all your pressies… I sort of took a chance on buying almost nothing from your list…
    I’m so excited to get home tonight and set up my new tea kettle in my new beverage area (old Microwave area). The tea will go there too! And I’m stripping my bed tonight and sleeping under new sheets! Hurray!

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