Birthday Morning

It’s 8am on my birthday, I’m laying in a king sized bed overrun with fluffy pillows listening to my man sleep.

Yesterday morning I got up and went to the gym, knocked out a great spinning class and then showered and went out for breakfast with Ray’s mom and auntie.

We left there and headed a few blocks down to our hotel where we checked in but we were too early to get in. A hot coffee and a leisurely stroll through the Quay and down the boardwalk used up an hour or so and then back to our room. Very nice, glass ice bucket and Reidel wine glasses in the room, luxurious huge bed and an interesting view.

We snacked and had a glass of wine and a wee nap and then got ready for dinner. 24 people were at our dinner at The Boathouse and there were a dozen other parties as well so the service was quite slow. The appy platters were delicious though and the alcohol kept flowing……perhaps a bit too much! By the time our dinner orders were taken and served, we were all stuffed. The drinks and two hours of munching seafood platters’ll so that, I guess. ;). It was a fixed menu so I chose the West Coast Seafood Chowder and the Miso Encrusted Halibut. It. Was. Huge. Honestly, a big enough piece of fish that it could have fed three. I could only eat a bit of it, the rest is in the fridge (and may get eaten ASAP if Ray doesn’t wake up soon!). Cheesecake with wild berry coulee for dessert. And yes, I managed to finish that! 😉

It was very nice being able to leave the restaurant and walk stagger to our room without having even the thought of transportation.

This morning, soon as I can start waking up Sleeping Snoring Beauty over here, we will get ready and go for breakfast with my sister and the rest of my family and my sister’s two friends, both of whom I love.

I’m starving right now, the halibut eaten cold with my fingers doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. 🙂








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