Watching Paint Dry

I don’t even know where to start today, I feel like this weekend kicked the crap out of me but instead of lamenting all that is wrong with the world (and trust me, it’s quite a bit!), I’m going to try to focus on the good stuff that’s happened and is coming.  
Friday we had our office potluck that turned out pretty decent, I was a good little weight watcher and didn’t stuff myself, had a wee bit of everything and called it done.  Friday night Ray took me to Tim Horton’s for dinner.  It’s where I wanted to go and it was very nice and relaxed.  After Tim H we hit up Ikea so Ray could get his son a present and then went home and watched a really cool movie (Super 8…nothing like the previews, actually quite good!).  Early to bed and early to rise on Saturday morning, off to spinning I went.  Did a tan first and then the class.  I didn’t do that well during the first two thirds of the class, my heart was bothering me a little but I pushed on and finished strong.  I zipped out to Langley afterward for a group Santa photo with a club we’re members of and then spent a little time in the mall gift shopping.  Saturday night we met some friends for dinner at our favourite restaurant……and now…..these friends have found out that this is where we’re doing our NYE dinner and have invited themselves and another couple along with us.  I was/am not impressed by that, our traditionally private NYE dinner date is now ruined and there is no way to uninvite them without looking like an absolute asshole.  What is wrong with people anyway, that inviting yourself to someone else’s date is OK?  
Anyway, Sunday my sister came over and we went for a coffee and then came back to my house where we pulled out some Christmas decorations and warmed the cockles of our hearts….theoretically, anyway.  😉  Sunday afternoon Ray and I went to pick something up in Langley and then we had plans to go to my mom’s and have a visit with her.  Except that she wasn’t even there.  In order to avoid the drama, we waited around until she answered her phone and agreed to go back to her house as per the plan.  Unfortunately because of the time delay we were pretty much screwed for what we had planned for the rest of our afternoon/evening, we didn’t get home until 4:30.  
Last night we sat on our sofa, stared at our little Christmas tree for awhile and then decided to watch what turned out to be the dumbest movie in the whole world.  Cowboys and Aliens, don’t bother.  SO DUMB!  And a shocker that two big names like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig would read a script that stupid and decide they wanted to be in the movie.  It wasn’t a complete waste of time though, we used it as an excuse to drink caesars for dinner and until such time as I had to get to bed.  GREAT way to spend a Sunday evening!
Today I have an at home appointment so no gym (which is fine because I’m nursing a little injury anyway).  Once my appointment is over my plan is some couch time and I’ll pack a gym bag for tomorrow morning’s early am spinning.
In exciting upcoming events, this coming weekend, starting Thursday, is going to be packed full of fun and food and drinks so I’m glad that I have today to recover and then hard at the gym for the rest of the week.  Then there’s a big chunk of time off coming over the holidays that I am borderline desperate for.  5 days off, 2 days on, 4 days off.  Can. Not. Wait. 
I’m sure that this post has probably been about as exciting as watching paint dry……….if you even got this far, thanks for reading!

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