I wasn’t concerned on Saturday when I slept through my alarm.  I wasn’t really concerned on Sunday when I decided that I didn’t want to get out of bed early enough to go spinning.  I started to get a little concerned after work yesterday when the entire way to the gym for Run & Row, I had to psyche myself up for it and then little negative voices started up while I was doing it.  And now, after today’s early morning spin class during which I had a very negative, completely defeatist voice talking to me the whole time.  Yep, I am definitely suffering from Diminished Rawr Syndrome. 
What are the symptoms of DRS? 
  •  increasing difficulty getting excited for whatever activity you’re meant to be doing
  • attempting to come up with good sounding excuses so you don’t have to attend
  • eating crap you shouldn’t be and don’t normally eat
  • negative mental chatter during workouts
My particular case of DRS has been building up since last Wednesday…which was Valerie’s last day before she moved to Kelowna.  I have accute Negative Voice which can also present as Defeatist Attitude.  During my run yesterday that symptom cropped up big time.  I don’t set any particular expectations on myself for treadmill running right now.  My only requirement is to go for 30 minutes and do the best I can.  I put a little incline on yesterday and moved a little quicker and the whole time Negative Voice kept telling me that there was no way that I was going to be able to pull of Trail training in February and that I might as well just give it up now.  Negative Voice also kept telling me that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and that I was wasting my time. 
This morning I had Reduced Drive and tried to come up with a rational and fully believable excuse as to why I couldn’t/shouldn’t go to 6am spinning.  Fortunately I wasn’t able to come up with anything acceptable so off I went.  Worst work out ever!  It is very hard to get behind a killer spinning class when you have “Why do I even bother doing this?” on repeat in your head.
As far as I know, there is no vaccine for Diminished Rawr Syndrome.  And, I think the only cure is to push through.  To keep doing what you need to be doing until the acute attack of DRS passes.
Do any of you ever get DRS?  Do you have any tricks to combat it?

1 thought on “Lacking

  1. This sounds serious. You need to go immediately to your medicine cabinet – or as I like to call it “liquor cabinet” and pour yourself a glass of anti DRS serum (otherwise known as red wine) immediately.

    Quickly get yourself to a sofa and drink the serum while your feet are up and you are doing something enjoyable like reading a book or watching television.

    Repeat as needed.

    In all seriousness – it sounds to me like you’re a bit burnt out. You have been KILLING it for the past couple of months. Sometimes you just need to take some time off, a week or so, and let yourself have a couple of treats, have a rest, be slack. You won’t stay in that mode – you know you won’t. The whole point of it is to do it just long enough until you can’t stand your slovenly ways any longer and then you get back on track.

    Meh, works for me sometimes.

    Also coincides nicely with our wine date next week. Hey, it’s not all about you… 😉

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