It is Sunday evening at my house, hockey is on TV, hamburger soup is simmering in the crockpot and my honey and I have just come in from a 5km brisk fall walk in the trails by our house.  It’s been a nice day, I woke up to get ready and go for coffee with my sister.  She generously gave me a hat that she made which she didn’t love (but I DO!), my hat that I paid for awhile ago but has had to undergo several surgeries to perfect for my oddly shaped head, and a replacement kitten hat so that she could have her original kitten hat back.  Now I have several and I love them ALL! I texted my sister this afternoon that my head enjoys being cuddled by my sister’s loving craftwork.  And it does.  Every time I put on a hat that she made I think of her and her generosity….I definitely haven’t taken any of them for granted!



Saturday morning I was supposed to go to spinning but unfortunately I slept through (or perhaps didn’t turn on) my alarm.  I had plans to attend today instead but that didn’t fly either.  Yesterday we ran our errands and went for a nice lunch at our favourite coffee shop where we also made a substantial donation to their toy/food drive.  Once home, Ray went for a nap and I made hamburger soup.  Our motorcycle holiday party was on Saturday night and it was as dull and uninteresting as I thought it would be.  I don’t have anything besides riding in common with most of these people, I do not appreciate being asked repeatedly to tell some hag how old I am, I don’t like when people drunkenly fondle my iPhone or ask me how much my phone bill is every month and I don’t like 70’s rock music.  The highlight of my evening was the two pieces of pumpkin pie that the flirty waiter gave to me (which I ate, thank you!) and reading blogs on my iPhone to try to stave off the SHEAR BOREDOM!  When we got home, Ray was all loopdyloo-drunk and wanted to fool around…..but it’s hard to get ‘fun’ when you’re stone cold sober and have just spent the last 4 hours being bored out of your freaking mind….and a little annoyed that my honey kept commenting on the fact that I was fading/bored and then ordered another drink…and then another……and then……….ya….I’m going to bed.

A wicked sleep on Saturday night, coffee with my sister Sunday morning, crispy long fall walk this afternoon and now a glass of red wine and soup and I’ll be ready for bed.

Tomorrow after work I’m jogging my 30 minutes again but this time I’m going to put a touch of incline on the treadmill to better simulate outdoor running.  And then I plan to row 2000 meters (takes about 12 minutes), go tanning, take a steam and then shower and make my way home.  Ray is working afternoon shift so I’m on my own this week.  The only thing I don’t like about afternoon shift is that I have to cook something for dinner so that he has something for lunch.  I’d rather just eat an egg or pb toast but that doesn’t make very good leftovers.  Enter a huge crock of soup, problem solved.

Hopefully this week sometime I get a consult appt with the tattoo artist.  He emailed me back this weekend and indicated that the tattoo needs to be larger to achieve what I want and he changed the font and I’ve toasted the vine….so it’s grown quite a bit.  I’d show a picture but it’s all in my mind & some sketches at the moment.  I’m guessing that the price has gone up significantly as the size has also.  We shall see.  I’m kind of excited about it!  (Ray is thrilled……which wouldn’t have mattered to me if he didn’t like it or the idea because it’s for me, but the fact that his eyes light up when I talk about it….well that’s just a bonus!)

Monday starts a new week.  People always say ‘I’ll start Monday’.  I actually have no issue with that.  I restart every single Monday.  I know what I’ll be eating, when I’ll be exercising, what my social and house committments are and having that plan be refreshed every Monday takes the endless forever out of it.  Nothing’s forever, it’s just a week….then you get to refresh and make a new plan.  Makes it a little easier to make a plan when you know you only need to abide by it for a week.


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