A Step Forward

I just sent a preliminary email to a tattoo artist….he’s done a few of the guys here at work and he is very talented.  He works at a proper tattoo shop but he also has his own shop on the side.  The guesstimate for cost is about $150 which includes the artwork to actually make it look like I want it to look.    I’m kind of excited, I have always wanted a tattoo but nothing has ever spoken to me and I figured that if I ever found something, I would just know it.  And I did and I do and I’m kind of excited.
Spinning last night was insane.  It was Valerie’s last class and she figured that she had to make it count and that meant the rest of us were going to make it count also.  She actually picked on people to get us to crank the resistance up.  Killer, I thought I was going to puke.  My invincible summer was burning pretty hot last night!  Sadly, for some reason after I got home from the gym and crawled into bed, I got Post-Gym-Chill (P-G-C) and couldn’t even warm up the sheets in our bed last night.  Ray was working nights so it was just me and I had a miserable night.  At about 1am I got up and put my housecoat on and crawled back into bed but that just made me cold and kind of lumpy.  Weird, usually a good dose of protein right after a hard workout will prevent P-G-C but apparantly not last night.
Tonight we’re going out for sushi for dinner, just to a little place near where we live.  Nothing extravagant, no big pig out…just an easy for me dinner.  And after that, Ray goes home and I go party dress shopping.  Cross your fingers for me.  I’m actually not holding out much hope, I pretty much think I’m going to be screwed.  Our first party is on Saturday night and if I find nothing I’m going in jeans and a hoodie. 
I think we’re going to a pub night tomorrow night but I’m not planning on taking in too many calories.  C’mas party Saturday night is the start of a LOT of food-type events coming up over the next few weeks and I already have tagged which ones get food/booze freedom and which ones will have to be scaled back.  I have no intention of undoing all my hard work in 3 weeks.  NOT going to happen!  I’m also planning to spin as hard as I can on my workout days and then after every workout I’m doing air squats and walking lunges.  I’m going to try and take an easy jog around our neighborhood on sunny off-gym days (Sunday, Friday) when I’m feeling it. 
In my effort to stay in shape, increase my fitness and keep weight off, I also have a new fitness event to train for.  In addition to my February 11th Trail Running Series starting and my spring Grouse Grind plans, I have decided to Climb The Wall.  490 feet, 48 floors, 739 steps.  It’s a charitable ‘run’ for the Lung Association in the stairwells of The Wall Center (a skyscraper in downtown Vancouver) and I’ve never done it.  My sister and her boss did it one year but I’ve never done it so I think 2012 is going to be my year.
Happy Thursday, gorgeous people. Today is a non-gym day for me, it’s sunny outside and I don’t have to make dinner tonight.  All nice things!

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