I had very nice news overnight, apparantly all of the Christmas plans have changed.  I’m not sure if I’ve posted it here before, but we have some issues within our relationship that relate to Ray’s ex wife and his grown children insisting that they see both of their divorced parents at the same time on Christmas morning.  This also involves the fact that I have been told I’m not welcome to be there….just Ray and his ex wife.  Fucked up, definitely.  Anyway, this year Ray’s daughter decided to allow me to be present at Christmas morning…..gee….thanks.  I didn’t really know which way to go on that, obviously I want to spend C’mas morning with my spouse but I do NOT want to see his ex wife on that day.  I had actually completely come to terms with it and I was going to go and spend Christmas morning sitting in our neighborhood Starbucks sipping delightfully overly sweet hot chocolate and reading my book until Ray got done and came to get me.  I had gotten to the point where I was actually looking forward to it. 
Happily overnight we got an email from Ray’s daughter that her and her new husband have chosen to go to his parent’s for Christmas which is at least a day’s drive away.  So they will be going there for the week.  That means NO FUCKED UP GROUP GET TOGETHER!  Ray’s son will come over to our house in the morning (or sleep over C’mas Eve night), we’ll do gifts, I’ll make a proper C’mas Morning type breakfast and then he can go to his mom’s and we’ll go and see my family.  EXCELLENT!  So Ray and I get another full year to work on our handling of the family-type situations, I get another full year to build my relationship with Ray’s daughter (which can only lead to good things) and then we all get to stress out about all of this again 12 months hence.  But for now?  We relax.
Tonight is spinning….and my favourite spinning instructor’s last day.  I wouldn’t miss this for anything, I really like her style of instruction and I will miss being motivated by her.   What her departure has got me to think about is perhaps going out and getting my Les Mills RPM certification so that I can instruct classes as a substitute.  I have a major love of indoor cycling and while I’ve never instructed a class before, I think that’s the point of going through the training, right?  Anyway, I still have to give it some thought.  I thought if I do the Les Mills training I may look into doing the actual Spinning certification at the same time.
Tomorrow night I’m going out into the Scary World (read:  mall) to try to buy a dress for our upcoming holiday parties.  I want one that’s short but all the short dresses seem to have tank top style tops and I will freeze!  We’ll see what I can find, I better be able to at least find something acceptable to wear!
Finally, I think I’ve decided to get a tattoo.  This is one of those things that I’ve always wanted but I never really liked anything enough to actually permanently mark my body with it.  Until I found this quote.  It’s in french, the guy who spoke it did so in french.  And I think it’s beautiful.  It means a heck of a lot to me and what I believe about myself.  I like that it’s in french so not just anyone will know what it says on first glance.  And, while I’m no artist, I think it should look really pretty with a vine entwined into it and then little spring leaf buds at the ends.  I drew a picture…..ingore the fact that I suck at drawing even something as simple as a leafy vine.  I want it tattooed on my right side, starting just under where my bra band ends.  That spot doesn’t sag, doesn’t gain or lose weight to speak of, wouldn’t change if I put on muscle.  It’s hidden unless I’m in my undies or a bathing suit.  And I can see it every day.  The translation is:  “In the depths of winter, I have found in myself an invincible summer.” 

4 thoughts on “Development!

      • LOL… I had both of mine done on my feet… anywhere that there isn’t a lot of fat is hella hurty at first but then the area gets numb… your thing isn’t that big, so you’ll be okay 🙂

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