My boyfriend is 6 feet tall and 230 pounds.  Last night we were looking at a fitness magazine and I wondered how much the cover model had to give up in order to look like she does, and how much of that is genetics.  During the conversation, Ray made some comment about how he didn’t think I would ever be able to change my eating habits.  I thought he was referring to the fact that I may always be in a ‘diet’ mindset.  What he actually meant was that he didn’t think I would ever be able to cut down on the amount of food that I eat.  He said to me, “You’re lucky, if I ate as much as you do I’d be 350 pounds by now.”.  I just about choked!  I’ve often thought the exact same thing about him; “If I ate the amount of calories that he does, I’d be right back where I started.”.  I thought it was funny though because from his perspective I eat a boatload of food.  From my perspective I would like to gain some muscle so I can eat MORE and think about it all less. 
Perspective is where it’s at (and a little of the ‘grass is greener’, I think).  Volume-wise, I definitely do eat more.  More fruit, more veg, more lean protein.  Volume wise I probably double him.  But calorie wise we are miles apart!  I do not eat as much cookies, bread (my darling ate an entire loaf of white bread in 4 days this week!), cheezies, coke, halloween candy, dark chocolate etc.  We eat very healthy meals (because I do the shopping and cooking)….but he supplements those with the ‘fun’ stuff whereas I do not.  Granted, he could definitely afford to lose about 20 pounds for his overall health, but he’s a big, muscular man and generally does not have the issues that I have for weight, both mentally and physically.
I thought it was also interesting that he referred to me as ‘lucky’ because that is definitely not how I feel.  “Lucky” would be eating out daily, not prepping veggies for two meals and two snacks every day, not worrying about protein/carb/fat ratio.  It would be having treats and lattes and big whippy sugary-sweet hot chocolate whenever my soul feels like being comforted.  It would be buying and eating whatever I want without looking at nutrition labels (and then not putting delicious looking things back because they are just too loaded).  It would be not noticing how sugar makes me feel like garbage, how certain grains or too many starchy carbs wrecks my stomach.  It would be drinking wine whenever I feel like without having to abstain because the next morning I have to spin.   It would NOT be exercising 4 times per week at a stupid intensity.  It would NOT be logging calories and weighing daily.  If I was lucky I would not beat myself up over small gains and rejoice over small losses.  I wouldn’t worry about what my weight should be, whether I have enough muscle, how much more fit I could become. 
Nope…not really feeling ‘lucky’.  But….I’m also not feeling sorry for myself.  Again, I make the choice to behave in the way that I do, I put importance on my weight, my health,my physical fitness and my appearance.  I may not be ‘lucky’ enough to eat whatever I want and lay around all day but I am fortunate enough to be smart and aware and active.  And I get all the benefits of that healthier way of living…energy, vitality, tight ass….you know, the important things!  😉
Happy Friday!

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