Saturday Evening Post (get it? haha)

Oh, Saturday evening, how I love thee.  I get to sleep in tomorrow morning as per our household ‘rule’ and I don’t have to go to the gym in the morning so that means I get to drink me some wine.  Yep, loving Saturday evening!

I went spinning this morning, out into the very frosty cold morning to get my sweat on.  I hadn’t eaten that much yesterday (after I chucked my original lunch due to sodium and had a very light dinner for the same reason) and I really noticed that I ran out of steam mid class.  But I pushed through and finished with power.  One thing I did notice this morning during spinning was that when the sweat was dripping off me it was cloudy.  I also noticed that it was so salty/acidic that it was burning my skin.  Obviously an imbalance in here somewhere.  I have managed to lose 3.5 of my gained horror pounds since I’ve been being conscientious about sodium and flushing with water so I think I’m on the right track.

My mom, sister and I went on an outing today.  After spinning I drove to my sister’s house and we all went out to a pottery painting shop.  My sister is very creative, my mom and I are not.  I’ll leave it at that.  We have before pictures of the items that we painted and when the finished product comes back later this week I’ll post the before and after pictures.  Lunch was sushi….aaaand because of my electrolyte issues, I had one roll and then 8 pieces of sashimi (raw salmon and tuna) and very minimal soy sauce.  Lots of green tea and good chats, very nice time.  After a trip to a yarn store and a visit with sister’s friend at her art studio and our day was over.

When I got home I changed clothes and Ray and I walked over to do our civic duty and vote in our community.  Then we walked a couple of kilometers to the liquor store for a bottle of wine.  Upon arriving at the little mall where our neighborhood liquor store is, we came upon a young man being robbed/assaulted by another young man.  (by young man I mean possible gang members/drug dealers/drug users) We bypassed that ruckus, told the liquor store staff to call the police and by the time we went to the till to pay, the one guy was pacing around in the store and the other guy was pacing outside of the store.  Idiots.  We live in a really nice neighborhood and these were very yuppy gang wannabee, didn’t get enough cash from mom and dad to pay for my pot debt sorts.

Dinner was stew and a crusty bun, John Wayne is on the TV right now and my book and blanket are calling.

Regarding yesterday’s post about something to work toward, Tarable suggested the Grouse Grind and I think that’s a damn great idea.  My current plan is to do it alone, I want Ray at the top waiting for me (he has no interest in doing it) with a cold beer and a juicy hamburger.  I’m going to wait for a nice spring day (not too hot) and give it a go.  Before Tara made the suggestion though, I did find something that I am interested in and have now already paid for.  It’s a trail running series through Kintec (a technical shoe company).  It’s a 12 week program starting at the beginning of February that runs the trails of Port Moody…and at the end of 12 weeks you are conditioned to run a trail half-marathon.  As I understand it, there is no actual half marathon to complete at the end (not an organized race) but there are lots of them up in North Van over the season that you can sign up for.  Trail running is different than road racing which I have no interest in anymore.  For $119.95 you get the 12 week program…but you also get a pair of running shoes (more than likely a trail pair ) for free.  The shoes are around $120-140 so it’s a pretty decent deal!  The program gives you a technical class at the beginning of each get together and then you do a group training run.  I’ve never done a running group before but I’m up for it, group exercise is a big part of my life right now.  You have to be able to do a 5k pretty easily before this starts so I’m going to have to ease into some running over the winter (treadmill) to get my running legs back.  But……I got what I was looking for, something to train for, look forward to and get up for.  Grouse and Poco Trails.  BRING. IT.

Happy Saturday Evening, I’m off to the sofa! (a picture of a small portion of the grind below and a picture of the adorable hat that my sister made and then graciously gave to me.  It’s a kitten hat.  Teehee)



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