Week In Review (4)

Today is the end of my work week and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.  Tomorrow is one of the last two vacation days that I have this year so the plan is to make the best of it.  Tara and I are leaving dark & early in the morning to head into the US for a day of shopping and coffee drinking and chatting and relaxing.  I realize I’ve mentioned this date a couple times in the last week, however it’s been a long time coming and for both of us lately, these past days have been rough and we need a mini vacation.
Since I won’t be near a computer tomorrow, I’m going to do my week in review today. 
Friday we had a lovely date night at home
Saturday dinner and Terri Clark concert was fantastic!
Sunday we had a lovely lazy morning, didn’t get up until 9:30 and then napped & watched TV until 1pm.  NOT like us at all!
Sunday dinner out with our Harley friends was very good!
Monday Body Combat kicked my ass…in a good way
Wednesday Ray had his colonoscopy and was given a clean bill and a 5 year followup.  YAY!
Wednesday night spinning attended!
Thursday last day of work for the week
Thursday hair appointment (which better fall under the GOOD list when it’s done!)
Saturday spinning skipped
Saturday hair appt cancelled
Too much eating out does the waistline increase  😦
Tuesday morning spinning skipped
Tuesday & Wednesday Ray had to prep for colonoscopy…miserable
My cycling shoes are really bothering my foot/leg, not sure how to go about fixing that
My favourite instructor is leaving town in a month
Saturday my family is coming over for dinner ~ Rib Night! (FUN)
Saturday morning I WILL be attending 8:30am spinning (FUN)
Ray starts dayshift for two weeks (GREAT)
Tuesday pub dinner for Ray’s son’s birthday (FUN)
Short week coming up (GREAT)

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