Harness Your Power

Harness Your Power
Remember the other day I was talking about rolling waves and how the motivation and inspiration swells and ebbs?
I figured out why my tummy was so bloated and why I was feeling crappy the last few days and it had nothing to do with that time of the month.  Nope, it had everything to do with MSG.  MSG cleverly disguised on an ingredient listing as…no…wait….I did read that it said MSG before I ate it but I opted to do it anyway.  It had been so long since I’ve eaten MSG that I had forgotten how much it could upset my system.  And then the next day?  Last night?  We had another entree from the same butcher and it too must’ve had MSG in it because on my way to spinning my stomach blew up to the size of a beach ball…or a 6 month alien baby.  I haven’t felt quite right in a couple of days, but after spinning and a boatload of water and tea, things are settling back to where they should be.
Anyway, I was struggling this past week with my motivation and drive and it wasn’t helped by taking a couple of days off the gym and then looking like I’d gained 15 pounds in my gut.  Something as simple as a bad reaction to a food additive had such an effect that it could have derailed me.  If something as simple as that is cause for derailment, it got me to thinking about all the little tiny things that we don’t seem to use to keep us ON the right track.
I found a delicious recipe today that I want to try, it’s made with healthy, whole ingredients and sounds delicious.  Motivation to fuel your body in a healthy manner!  It’s sunshiny outside today and the air is crisp.  Motivation to go outside and get some exercise!  I read something about how terrible for you sugar is.  Motivation to stay away from it!  You know the feeling, that excitement of starting something, that hope of change, the exhilaration of what the future could look like.  You don’t have to be starting something new to get that power feeling.  There are things every day that can push you forward in the right direction, guide your hand to an apple instead of a cookie, get you moving instead of laying on the sofa.  Harness YOUR power to strengthen your position and build your healthy habits as a catalyst to keep going and as resistance to everything that comes up in life and tries to throw you off track.
I’ve harnessed mine and for me that means I drank lots of water today and when I go home it’s a healthy egg dinner, an apple with pb as a snack, NO halloween chocolates.  It means that I am gearing up NOW to be motivated to go to Saturday morning spinning. 

2 thoughts on “Harness Your Power

  1. I have had those days too where I feel like I look about 6 months preggo…but I had NO IDEA that it could be MSG that did ti… That gives me something new to check out! Thanks!!

    • I don’t know if that’s the reaction for everyone but it definitely bothers me that way….and I feel like I have a big lump at the top of my stomach and all my food just sits there…and an uncomfortable…umm…digestive tract. Ah, the joys of paying attention to how the food you eat reacts within you. LOL!

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