Rolling Waves

I’m not normally one to post the motivational posters and sayings that you’re seeing all over blogs and the web right now.  But this one I saw the other day on Marathon Sweetheart’s blog (she has a flipping TONNE of these) and since it’s pretty much exactly how I’m feeling right now, I thought I would put it up.
I feel like crap right now, I’m bloated and it feels like everything that I eat or drink is sitting right on the top of my stomach.  I have a hunch that I know why I’m feeling like crap….but I’m annoyed by it anyway. I’ve just spent the last four days resting from spinning, the only exercise I’ve had since last Wednesday was BodyCombat on Monday.  And now that my brain and my ankle and legs are all ready and itching to get back to spinning, the rest of my body is in revolt.  It seems like when your motivation is riding along on the swell of the wave, nothing can go wrong, you have all the energy in the world and inspiration is running through your veins.  When the wave crests, which it must do, and things start to move back down into the hollow, everything is so much harder and takes so much more mental cheerleading/cajoling.  The length of time spent at the crest and at the bottom change and the height of the high and the depth of the low do as well.  And it’s insanely frustrating since one day you can have it all locked down and the very next day, sometimes for no apparant reason, it all feels like it’s falling apart.
It’s frustrating as shit!  We as women also get the short end of the stick because regardless of our best laid plans and schedules and motivation, we get a week every month that beats the hell out of us.  I’ve waffled on occassion about whether to just let the week go and do nothing and on the 8th day things will be back to normal…..or to power through as much as possible in order to keep the momentum going.  I’m not sure which one has the most value, but since I already rested 4 out of the last 5 days, I’m powering through.
Last night I went tanning (oh, so warm through and through, I’m going to LOVE that through the winter!) while Ray was laying on the sofa groaning.  He’s prepping yesterday and half of today because he has his colonoscopy at 1:30 this afternoon.  He’s so miserable and freezing cold and dizzy and not sleeping.  I feel terrible for him….but two days of discomfort is worth it when it’s to screen for something that can destroy everything!
As mentioned, tonight is spinning (with Valerie…I have to soak up every class I can get with her so that when she’s gone, I’m fully entrenched in the routines) and then tomorrow is my last day of work, Tara and I are playing hooky together on Friday and going to take a trip into the US for a little shopping.  Really looking forward to the little mini-vacation, some coffee, a pastry perhaps, a little driving, a bunch of shopping…no work involved.  Sounds lovely to me!
Happy Wednesday!
Love List ~ November 2, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
the warm tanning bed
a snuggly boyfriend this morning
a short week (I’ll be grateful for this one tomorrow too!)
giant gala apples

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