How Much Does Guilt Weigh?

Morning! It’s Sunday morning and through no planning on my part, this weekend has turned into one of rest…and guilt.  You see, Friday night I set my alarm for 7am, packed my gym bag and didn’t drink my face off during our little picnic (more on that below).  Saturday morning when my alarm went off I hit the snooze button for 10 minutes and drifted back to sleep….and woke up to Ray jabbing me at 8:15….and not in enough time to make it to the spinning class.  I was fairly disappointed but told myself that it was fine and that not going to one spinning class is not the end of the world.  In fine, hard on yourself fashion though, I have harangued myself, guilted and twisted about sleeping through spinning.  I can’t seem to stop thinking about it and it’s making me nuts. It was one class where I burn 700 calories, not the end of the world.  What I was most upset about was how that Saturday morning class sets me up for the rest of the weekend.  Spinning and a lovely hot shower, coming home and feeling vibrant and refreshed and ready to go for the rest of the weekend and I was so bummed that I missed out on that.  In my case, in answer to the question above, guilt happens to weigh 1.4 pounds…..which probably has more to do with sushi and wine and wine and an order of french fries, lack of water and wine……

After the spinning mishap I got ready and Ray and I went down to a favourite coffee shop which happens to be in the same complex as my hairdresser.  We went down to the coffee shop for a cup and a pastry and then Ray was going to read his book while I got my hair cut.  I walked into the hairdresser to be informed that my hairdresser’s been sick for a week but don’t worry, someone else is going to cut your hair.  Ya, um, No.  Seriously?  Would that be alright with you guys?  If you went to your hairdresser and instead of getting your hairdresser ‘someone else’ was going to squeeze you into their schedule?  I couldn’t believe that they were surprised that wouldn’t be alright.  Recipe for a crappy hair cut, being wedged into someone else’s full schedule who doesn’t know you and has no loyalty to you as a customer.  So, rescheduled to next week and a big frigging waste of time!  What really ticked me off was that I could have gone to 10:30 am spinning if the twits at the hair salon had called me and told me that my hairdresser was sick.  As it was, no spinning and no haircut.

The rest of the weekend I will give you in pictures, we’ve had a fairly nice time (spinning class guilt notwithstanding).  Friday when I got home, Ray had followed several ‘hints’ that I dropped regarding purchasing flowers for me.  I was flipping thrilled to pull into the driveway and see a beautiful pink flowering begonia sitting in our front entrance.  I was even more thrilled to come into the house and see a fire in the fireplace and a little nest built in front of it where we spent a lovely couple of hours listening to music and drinking wine and talking to each other undistracted.  Our previous week was difficult to say the least and a potted plant and a 2 hour chat doesn’t erase it, but Ray’s effort to make an effort at woo-ing me back to feeling better was very appreciated!

Anyway, the rest is in pictures.  There’s my flowers in the entrance, me with my flowers, Ray and I (no, he’s not stoned), me with wine, our little Friday picnic area and my cozy sofa view this morning.


5 thoughts on “How Much Does Guilt Weigh?

  1. In the midst of your disappointments and frustrations of things that occur naturally in every life, there is an abundance of blessings, affirmations and love.

    We can’t control everything or always do the perfect thing, but we can always rejoice and relish in those riches in life:
    1) having someone by your side to wake up with
    2) having a favourite coffee shop
    3) having the money to go to your favourite coffee shop
    4) having someone to go with you to your favourite coffee shop
    5) having money to go to a salon where you have “your” hairdresser
    6) having someone who is willing to pass the time away, waiting on you to go to the hairdresser
    7) having someone who knows you’ve had a difficult week and tries to make up for it
    8) having someone who is thoughtful (and has the money) to buy flowers, wine…
    9) having someone who cares enough to have a fire going for you
    10) having a body that is able to go to spin class or to go out and about with your loved one…

    • Fair enough, Debbie! I appreciate your comment and the time you took to write it. I am most definitely blessed and I most definitely appreciate it on a regular basis and here on this blog. I suppose my post today may have seemed ‘poor me’…..that was not my intent.

      Thanks for the reminder that among the piss offs there is almost always something worth being thankful for!

  2. Guilt is HEAVY! Trust me, I’m packing around a lot of it on a regular basis.

    And the hairdresser thing is bullshit. That’s a crappy way to do business and I suspect there could be more to it behind the scenes. I don’t know many hairdressers that would willingly give their clients to other hairdressers – even if they’re sick, they’d rather you reschedule. That’s not right.

    The flowers are lovely. Very good boy, Ray!

    And I know I see you almost every day but I must say that you are looking gorgeous in your pictures (and real life too).

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  4. Thank you Tara for the compliment!

    Yes, Ray did a good job on Friday with the flowers and the wine picnic…it doesn’t fix everything but it goes a goodly way to actions speaking louder (or at least as loud) as words!

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