Week In Review (3)

Morning!  Thankfully the world always turns and we always end up with Friday.  Yay Friday and yay for Week in Review!  I’ve added another section for upcoming things, fun or non-fun
Saturday spinning, new release, crazy party atmosphere in the gym
Saturday day spent with my mom and sister laughing and drinking wine and chatting for hours
Graveyard shift ended for a month so I don’t have to sleep alone for awhile
Jogging on Monday, made it further than I predicted I would, 4.2km logged!
Tuesday morning spinning and Wednesday night spinning attended and checked off!
Pumpkin Head Cake Balls made and sushi and wine consumed
Ray replaced the battery in his Harley on the weekend and smoked the main wiring
I had to take a heart pill on Saturday, first one in quite awhile
Jogging on Monday hurt me for three days afterward.  Lesson learned, increase mileage slowly!
Wednesday morning Ray and I had a big upset.  I have felt unsettled and upset for a couple of days now.
Hair cut ~ FUN
Terri Clark Concert ~ FUN
US Date w/ Tara ~ FUN
Ray gets Colonoscopy ~ NONFUN

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