Twice In One Day!

A cake is baking in my oven right now, three bags of orange coloured melting chocolates are on my table along with 100 lollipop sticks.  What am I making?  Well….I’m not really making anything.  My friend is coming over on Thursday and together we’re going to make Pumpkin Head Cake Balls.  Chocolate cake balls, poked onto a lolly stick, dipped in orange chocolate and then a green blop on top for the leaves.  This friend is actually a co-worker…..well…..she’s my boss……but we’ve been friends a heck of a lot longer than she’s been my boss…..and we have worked very hard and struggled no small amount to keep our friendship during a time of transition.  But so far we’ve made it through and now….we make pumpkin-head cake balls!   Since the pumpkin heads are going to take awhile, she’s coming over right after work and that means we’re going to need to eat dinner.  The plan?  SUSHI!  I haven’t had sushi in months, nay years, I think.  I’m pretty excited about it.

And why am I telling you this now when it’s not until Thursday?  Because this morning when I got up at 5am to get ready for 6am spinning, one of the things that was keeping me going (and even so far as the first 10 minutes of the class) was that I decided I’m not going to attend Wednesday night spinning.  It’s on the schedule however I felt like it was time for an unscheduled break.  I also decided I deserved to get a pass on tomorrow night’s class because my ankles and hips are quite achy (assuming from the jog?) and I could use the rest.  How does that relate to sushi and pumpkin heads?  People who want to eat sushi and sample pumpkin heads are wise to go spinning the night before.  People who are not actually injured or sick should get their lazy ass going tomorrow night because there is going to be some food (and some wine, probably) involved in Thursday and those same people do not like to feel guilty that they didn’t do something that they could have/should have.  Besides which, making a decision about whether or not to attend an interval class is probably not best done at 5am on the day before!

So tonight, because the aching in my hips and ankles is real, not just something I dreamt up to not go to spinning, I will be making friends with my foam roller and attempting to work out some of the tightness im my muscles that is no doubt bothering my joints.  I’ll go to bed early, I’m making sure I’m well hydrated, I’ve had protein to recover from this morning’s class and a little extra in my lunch today.  Instead of telling myself all the reasons why I can’t go spinning tomorrow I’m trying to give myself a whole bunch of reasons why I CAN go.

Plus, a girl at work today told me that she’s impressed by my ‘determination’ in relation to exercise….and now I’m damn well DETERMINED to go.  One day maybe I really won’t be able to go, colds, flus, heart issues, etc.  Well today is not that day and neither is tomorrow!


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