Shifting The Focus

Morning!  I am very excited to report that after an entire week of being very diligent about tracking and what I eat, and going to spinning 4 times in the WW week, that I am down a whole……0.2 pounds.  0.2?  Seriously?  Part of me realizes that this is completely fine and the fact that my clothes are fitting much better (a pair of pants and a skirt that I couldn’t wear 2 weeks ago now fit nicely) means that I may not be losing pounds but my body composition is changing.  That is good.  What is not good is paying over $50 each month to watch my body composition change.  So far I have paid $103.90 to lose 5.2 pounds…that’s $19.98/pound.  At the rate that I’m going, in order to achieve my goal weight of 165 pounds, it’s going to cost me another $123.87…and that’s IF my losing doesn’t slow.  (the hardboiled egg in my hand below is the equivilant of what I lost this week…kind of sad if you look at it like that!  LOL)
What I said yesterday about not really caring what the scale said is true….I actually thought that my weight would have been up so a loss is nice.  But I really feel like that’s not what it’s about for me anymore.  I truly needed the last two months of Weight Watchers to reset my portions, reset my definition of healthy foods and propel me back to the gym.  And it was worth every penny.  But the fact is that while I would really like to see a nice 165 on the scale, if I can get my body looking the way I want it and fitting into anything I choose, then I don’t much care what the number on the scale is.  That’s a difficult one to reconcile though.  That scale number is what I have been fixated on for the last 5 years.  And now I need a new way in which to measure my progress.  Looking in the mirror is So tonight I’m taking measurements.  Arms, legs, waist, hips.  I’m still going to stand on the scale once/week and log the measurement…but every two weeks I’m going to take my measurements.   I need them anyway for the next phase of my fitness plan so I figured I would just do it now to get a base idea, measure every couple of weeks and then in December when I start weight lifting I will know what’s normal for me and how to judge success.
Anyway, on to other things.  I went spinning last night…and watched a little girl, about 14 years old, come in with her mom to spinning for the first time.  The girl needs to grow about a foot in height and she’ll be well proportioned, she still had a little fluff on her that comes with puberty and being a kid.  The mom had quite a bit to lose and I was impressed that they came in together to try something new, the little girl looked a bit nervous.  The guy beside me and I set them up on their bikes so that the instructor could get the class started on time.  Aaaannndd….the mom made it less than 15 minutes and then actually left the class, left her daughter there to struggle on alone….and the girl did the whole class.  I was sitting right behind her so I could tell that she didn’t have the resistance dial figured out all the way so parts of it were much harder than it needed to be, but she powered through.  Her mother, on the other hand, was sitting in the massage chairs out in the lobby.  I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t take a couple minutes to give the little girl a big high five.  She rocked something brand new with no support from anyone and that is impressive and worthy of praise!
Tonight we’re going to do our monthly Costco shop (the list is long!) and when we get home and have had dinner, I plan to spend a little time laying on the sofa reading my book.  I was going to clean the house but I decided that I will listen to my body…my knee is squeaking a little and my body is tired and the carpets can wait another day to get vacuumed.

Love List, October 20, 2011   
This morning I am grateful for:
insecticidal soap
my iphone

5 thoughts on “Shifting The Focus

    • I know! Aside from leaving your kid hanging there and having to power through alone, what about now making your young girl walk through the Meathead Section (our spinning studio is in the back) and aaaaallll the way through the entire facility alone to try and find you? Not cool.

  1. I see you every day and I can see a noticable difference in you. Your figure looks leaner and you look brighter and healthier and even happier. I think you are right on par with your plans and how you are executing them. Keep up the good work.

    PS: The woman who abandoned her daughter during a spinning class is a totall cop out. Could she not have reduced her resistance to the lowest possible setting and coasted through the rest of the workout if she was struggling? Lame. Besides that part – she’s sending a message to her daughter about quitting when something is a little bit hard or uncomfortable.

    • Thanks Tara! I certainly feel better and I think if WW did anything it was to make me to detox from eating ‘healthy’ junk food (peanut butter, dried fruit, oatmeal cookies) which I think has made the most difference.

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