Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

Random Thought #1 ~ I often feel like, if I write something down on a schedule, that it is then written in stone and if I don’t achieve it or do it, I’m a complete failure.  Schedules, once made, should never be revised.  There’s only “did it well” or “completely failed”.  Well…there was.  This time when I made my fitness schedule (because I loves me a longterm plan so I know what’s coming!) I did it knowing that I might change it.  And I have.  I have removed some gym dates because I already know that existing plans that I had forgotten about would mean I’d have to mark the day as a fail and that’s not fair to me.  Instead, I’m just changing the day!  I’ve completely deleted any reference to “WEIGHTS” that was on there because I have an even longer term plan that will take care of that (more on that at a later date).  So my random thought is this:  I feel far more like I’m setting myself up for success by allowing myself to revise and recreate my schedule than I would be if I had written the 2 month schedule and then refused to adjust it.  That is a personal victory! 
Random Thought #2 ~ I read this on this website and it really rang true for me.  I am adopting immediately!
I never tell myself, no more food.  It’s so much easier to say, no more of that, but you can have as much as you want of this.”
Random Thought #3 ~ I need to figure out what my future goals are going to be as it relates to weight loss/maintenance and fitness.  I have less than 6 pounds (hopefully I’ll be even closer after tonight’s weigh-in)  to lose to get to my goal range (160-165).  I don’t want to lose anymore weight than that.  To be honest, I don’t even think that losing these 6 pounds is going to make that much of a difference.  Obviously I’ll feel successful and pleased with myself but aside from that, I need better goals.  One of my goals (for as long as I can remember….way back when it didn’t even seem like a remote option) is to do a spinning class in just a pair of shorts and my sports bra.  I realize I will never look completely svelte and fitness-model-toned, but if I can get a little jiggle off and a littel muscle on, I think I should be able to do it.   I’ll always have some excess around my waistline but that’s normal and…if you’re a woman….healthy and desireable.  So beyond the sports bra goal, I need to get some solid things to work towards.  Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to run a half marathon in July next year…and I still sort of do, but my exercise routine and future training plans do not mesh up with that goal, not at all.  So I need to decide if I’m going to scratch that goal.  I think so…..we’ll see.  Anyway, I’ll be giving some thought to some fitness and appearance goals in the next little while.  I will probably post them here.
Random Thought #4 ~ Tonight is my first back to back spinning class.  I went yesterday morning and now I’m going tonight.  I’ll have had a full 36 hours in between the two classes so I think it should be alright.  I was feeling all lazy-brain this morning and was trying to figure out excuses why I should take a pass on the class tonight….but no, I’m going, I don’t need an unplanned rest just yet!  Plus, maybe tomorrow I’ll be sick or something will come up and I won’t be able to go.  Then I’ll really have wished I went…and I don’t like regretting silly decisions so my butt will be glued to my bike seat at 7:15 tonight!
That’s all the random thoughts that have been bouncing around in in my head.  Weigh in is at 5pm and I will be accepting of whatever the number turns out to be, I have worked HARD this week and eaten well….and if my hormonal difficulties this week cause that not to show on the scale….well…I know I did well and that’s all that matters!

Love List ~ October 19, 2011
Today I am grateful for:
sincere apologies
smaller pants that all of a sudden fit (yay)
glossy pink lipstick

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